Top 10 Alternative Use of Green Tea

Top 10 Alternative Use of Green Tea

Like certain types of food, Green Tea is one of the few which comes with everything good. In fact, green tea has been used for weight loss and cleaning up of toxins within the body and this has been practiced by dieticians, pharmacists and even doctors. Drinking green tea each day is a healthy practice but did you know that there are actually many other ways that you can use green tea for apart from drinking? We list out the top 10 below.

Stinky hands

– Green tea can be used as a soap replacement which can be quite damaging to your skin if you use them too much. Used green tea can be used while you wash your hands and your hand will be cleansed from bacteria, and they smell good too.

Body Scrub

– There are polyphenols in green tea which is a type of substance best known for skin health. All you need 1 cup of granulated sugar, half a cup of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of green tea and matcha green tea powder, mix them together and keep it for 2 weeks and you can use it after that.

Hair Spray

– If green tea is known for good skin health, imagine what it can for your hair. What you need is to dip 2 bags of green tea into about 150ml of hot water and let it cool. After that, put it into a spray bottle and a few drops of hair oil like eucalyptus or rosemary and keep it for 2 weeks before applying it.

Clean Glass Surfaces

– Green tea can be used as a type of substance to clean glass surfaces. You might not want to use fresh green tea for this but used tea bags can be applied on the glass surface which will remove stubborn stains and marks.

Skin Itchiness

– Green tea can be used as a solution for mosquito bites that create itchiness. Used teabags can be used to apply on the itchy areas and you can almost enjoy the relief immediately.

Feet Smell

– The tannins from green tea can help in repelling the smell on the feet. Smelly feet usually come from the pores that produce sweat but green tea bags can kill off the bacteria that produce the smell. Dip your feet into a pot of green tea warm water for about 30 minutes and within days, the smelly feet is gone.

Dark Eye circles

– Most people use fresh cucumber for this but you can apply using green tea bags as well. Drink the tea while waiting for the tea bags to cool down and then apply them (after drying the water) on your eyes for 15 minutes.

Watering Plants

– This is something you should do if you have leftover green tea that was not consumed. Instead of throwing them away, use the leftovers to water the plants. The nutrients will help the plants to grow better and more beautiful.

Animal litter

– Green tea can be used to clean up animal litter if you have pets. They are known to be highly absorbent. Green tea leaves can be sprinkled onto the litter box which will kill the stench in a very short time.

Fridge Fragrance

– Use green tea bags in the fridge to create an aroma which will channel away any odor or weird smell, especially if you store fish and other meats.

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