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Tokio Marine is the oldest insurance company from Japan where it was established in 1879. Today, it has grown to as a General and Life insurance company that spans across 38 countries across the world including Malaysia where it operates under Tokio Marine Life Insurance Malaysia Bhd. Before this, it was known as TM Asia Life Malaysia Bhd which has a history stretching back to more than 65 years.

Products and Services

Tokio Marine offers insurance and protection plans for consumers from all walks of life in Malaysia. This covers areas such as investment and savings as well as coverage for life and accidents. Plans are all catered to offer peace of mind for the customers and family members while it also protects assets like homes and vehicles too. The products that are offered by Tokio Marine are as below.

Life Insurance Plans

Protection for policyholders in the long term with payouts.

  • TokioMarine-Legacy – This plan provides security for the policyholder and family members in the future.
  • TokioMarine-LifeTreasure – Conventional plan with coverage for death both accidental and non-accidental
  • Convertible Term Assurance – This plan provides protection for death or Total and Permanent Disability which can be converted to a whole life endowment plan.
  • Perlindungan Tenang TokioMarine-StarterPack – A plan available with lump-sum payout.
  • TokioMarine – TermDefender – Provides protection for death and TBD of up to RM 500,000.
  • TokioMarine-iLady – Protection for women and known critical illnesses and other conditions.
  • TokioMarine-iBig 2 – Covers up to 300% of the basic sum assured for policyholders and spouses.
  • TokioMarine-iFlexSecure 2 – Provides life insurance and protection from death and TBD catered for any budget.
  • TokioMarine-iLifeSecure 2 – This is a life insurance package that is affordable and flexible.

Health-related packages

Medical and health-related plans that help shoulder the expenses when required.

  • Cancer Shield Plus – Coverage against cancer for treatment and financial commitments.
  • Medic Plus – This is an add-on package on top of current medical insurance.
  • Premier Medic Partner – This plan provides financial stability up to 100 years of age.
  • MosBite – Protection against mosquitoes-inflicted diseases like Zika and Dengue.
  • Rider – iHealth+ – This plan offer additional benefits and coverage to add on to conventional health plans.
  • iHealth Advance – Expansion of insurance for medical expenses.
  • Rider – iComprehensive CI – This plan offers protection of up to 109 different critical illnesses for treatment starting from the early stages.
  • Cancer LoanBreak – Helps to settle loans in the event that the policyholder is diagnosed with cancer.
  • MedShield – General medical insurance with protection and coverage for medical expenses.
  • TokioMarine-MedicDefender – This is typically the plan that provides hospitalization income.
  • TokioMarine-CriticalDefender – Provides protection and coverage for the policyholder if diagnosed with critical illnesses.
  • Tokio Marine VitalCover – This plan comes with coverage for respiratory-related diseases with a payout of up to RM3,000. Includes COVID-19.

Assets and Properties Protection

Coverage mainly for homes against disasters or theft as well as accidents for vehicle owners.

  • Home Partner Insurance – This package helps to protect the home and contents within the home.
  • Houseowners / Householders – Protection for the building and contents from damage due to theft or natural disasters.
  • Tokio Marine SecureHome – This is a comprehensive plan which is all-in-one, protecting the house and the contents inside.
  • Motor Insurance – Standard vehicle insurance with comprehensive coverage.
  • Auto Partner – Comes with additional services like breakdown assistance and towing.
  • DriveSafe PA Partner – This plan provides coverage for accidents on vehicles when traveling.
  • Major Motor Medical – This package comes with protection for the driver in the event of an accident that includes hospitalization.
  • Motorcyclist Partner – A plan catered for motorcyclists and the passenger against road accidents.
  • Commercial Partner – A plan that covers individuals for any harm in an accident.
  • Tokio Marine DriveSafe Pro – This plan is a customized add-on for conventional packages with additional coverage.
  • Private Hire Car – Coverage for the driver, the passenger and the vehicle.

Personal Accident Plans

Packages designed for compensation in the event of accidents and other unfortunate incidents.

  • Premier PA Partner – Coverage between 1 month and 65 years old, it comes with worldwide protection.
  • Family PA Partner – A plan the provides coverage for the policyholder, spouse and children.
  • Flexi PA Partner – A flexible and affordable plan customized for the modern lifestyle.
  • Individual PA Partner – This plan helps the individual with a customizable plan.
  • AEONCare Insurance – Protection catered specifically for customers of AEON Credit Service Sdn Bhd.
  • UniqCare PA – This is a Personal Accident package that is tailored for OKU people.

Retirement and future planning 

Plans that help to manage expenses and commitment like education and life after retirement.

  • Asia Income Master Plus – This is a plan that helps in financial support after retirement.
  • Asia Premier Endowment Plus – A savings plan that goes into the senior years.
  • TokioMarine-XtraCash – Provides insurance and financial stability for the later years.
  • TokioMarine-BrightFuture – A plan designed for children’s education.
  • TokioMarine-Optimizer – Savings plan with good returns for the future.

Other Protection Plans

Specialized plans for traveling and other lifestyles.

  • Travel Personal Accident – Standard plan for individuals and families when traveling.
  • Golfer Insurance – A plan which is designed for golfers.
  • Domestic Travel Partner Plus – A comprehensive protection plan for traveling in the country.
  • Tokio Marine Explorer – Travel insurance for protection during trips.
  • Tokio Marine Annual Explorer – A plan which provides coverage for a year on all types of travels.


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