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Located in the Iskandar Malaysia development in Johor Bahru, Legoland Malaysia is one of the top attractions in the country. In fact, it is the first international theme park which was opened in the Nusajaya development back in 2012.

There are in total 6 Legoland theme parks in the world and this one in Malaysia is the first of its kind in Asia. Located within Legoland Malaysia is more than 40 exciting attractions ranging from rides, shows and other related attractions. Legoland provides a great place for families who are often associated with Lego toys in one way or another. As part of the Iskandar Malaysia economic region, Legoland Malaysia offers the entertainment aspect of this area which covers universities, commercial areas, offices, and many more.

With more affiliations between Lego, the internationally renowned iconic brick toys brand and other brands, Legoland Malaysia is one of the most complete theme parks as it comes with an array of exciting rides and attractions as well as a hotel.

Hotels and Accommodation

There are several options available in terms of accommodation for anyone travelling to Legoland Malaysia. The hotels and accommodation choices vary in terms of pricing and facilities.

If it is convenience that you are seeking, then staying at the Legoland Hotel will be the best option. This however could be costlier than any other hotels around the vicinity. Rates start from RM600 and goes up to RM1,500 per night which can accommodate families of up to 8 persons per room. These themed rooms are perfect for children who will like the specifically-Lego designed interiors. Besides that, Legoland Hotel is located just a stone’s throw away from the theme park itself which makes it extremely convenient to enjoy the rides there.

Meanwhile, for those who do not mind driving about 20 minutes away, there are many other accommodation choices located around the Pasir Gudang areas as well as into Johor Bahru city centre. Here are a full range of affordable hotel rooms starting from RM80 per night. Traders Hotel in Puteri Harbour is not far but is on the costlier side.

Hotel Tip:

Most of the hotels here provide special rates for those travelling to Legoland. As such, it is recommended that you book a room at the hotels and enquire about special rates for Legoland Malaysia as it is cheaper than buying the tickets at the park itself.

Transportation Tip

Getting to Legoland Malaysia is best using your own transport. This is because you will be free to spend as much time as you like when you are in the park. Furthermore, Legoland Malaysia is located in an isolated area in Nusajaya while you might want to visit the nearby attractions at your own free time. Meanwhile, there are bus services that connect Legoland Malaysia with Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. There is ample parking space around Legoland Malaysia so driving here is not a problem at all. Take note that the parking space might be quite full during peak seasons and school holidays so getting here early would be advisable.

Weather Tip

You must be extremely mindful of the weather in Legoland Malaysia. Visiting the park in the morning is an ideal option as the theme parks open at 10.00am. It is strongly advised to bring sunblock lotion because it can get very warm in the afternoon as there are quite limited shades around the park. During the year-end, rain could be another problem that you might have to worry about(mostly after 3pm).

Tips for Umbrella:

You should bring a golf umbrella or rain coat with you to shade against the sun or rain. Umbrellas sold in the park are costlier than usual.

Budget and Costing

The standard entrance fee into Legoland Malaysia is RM110 for children and RM140 for adults for Theme Park only. If you are planning to visit only the Water Park, then it will be RM85 for children and RM105 for adults. For both the park, children pay RM140 and adults pay RM175.

However, you might want to check with the hotels you are staying in on special rates which are slightly cheaper than buying at the front entrance of Legoland.

As it is with all theme parks, food and drinks are costlier within the park but you can be sure that the eateries are very children-friendly. This would be inevitable as you might be spending the whole day there. Hence, it is advised to bring along some snacks to eat along the way while full meals can be enjoyed at the many cafes and restaurants in the park.

Tip for Food:

If you would like to have a meal at KFC or Old Town White Coffee which are located outside the park, you can do so by exiting the park and re-entering later. In order to do this, you can request for a hand-stamp from the Legoland personnel which will allow you to enter the park again on the same day. Make sure you obtain this or you might have to pay for tickets again.

Shopping Tips

Since you are visiting Legoland Malaysia, you are bound to buy some Lego bricks, or your kids might make you do so. This can be found at almost every corner around the park. You will be welcomed with one of the largest Lego shops in Malaysia as you enter the park. As you venture around Legoland, there will be kiosks, smaller shops, themed shops and counters that sell all types of Lego items, so you will not miss any of them.

Pricing Tip:

One thing for sure, the pricing here are standardized which means it is the same as you buy them anywhere else. However, there are some special memorabilia like Legoland Malaysia T-shirts, fridge magnets and such which are not available in your usual toy store. Hence, it would be good if you are aware of the prices of certain Lego sets before buying them here.

Inside the Park

Take note that all the rides can be enjoyed once inside Legoland. If you have toddlers or infants, it is advised to use the strollers available for rent. To enjoy the rides, ensure that your child is above a certain height as stipulated on each ride. For those who like to visit the Lego structures here can go to the Star Wars Miniland, Lego Kingdoms, Lego City and many more.

Tips for Planning Trip :

Plan your trip here because it can be very crowded during weekends and school holidays. If possible, you should even check if it is school holidays in Singapore. This is to avoid congestion around the park which means you might have to wait a long time for a specific ride.

However, unlike other major theme parks like Universal Studios, rides in Legoland Malaysia do not require such a long waiting time. Even if you are not visiting the Water Park, it is advised to bring some extra clothing for the young ones because there are certain areas that provide water games as well.




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