The Smartest Products designed in the decade

Smartest Products designed in decade

Apple Iphones

No matter how you see it, anything that came out from Apple seemed to be greatly designed. It started from the first Macintosh until the iPad and the iPhone but it was when the iPod was designed that it changed the way we listen to music forever. In fact, not many manufacturers can claim that their products changed the way we live the way the iPod did. It has sold more than 200 million units since its launch.

BlackBerry Smartphone

It might not be the best product today but when it debuted, the first BlackBeerry was a two-way pager and drove other manufacturers to focus on QWERTY keyboards.

Google Smartphones

It is ‘the other player’ in the market today apart from Apple. One advantage Google has over Apple is that it does not have to worry about hardware. The Google Adsense might be annoying but it forms the main part of revenue for the search engine. It is aiming for the game console market next, so watch out.

Nintendo Wii

Most might argue that it would be Sony Playstation but it was the Wii that not only change the way we play games but allow you to work out as well.

SMS Communication

This is among the classics. It changed the way we communicate altogether. In fact, SMS gave us a new language (like WTF! SHUD B! and all that). Along the way, we acquired a new skill called ‘thumbing’.

Skype Messenger

It was designed to cause the telcos billions of dollars but it did not. Instead it provided us with cheaper calls for communication. We have new ones today like WhatsApp! and Line, which pretty much use similar technologies.

Social Media

How can social media be missing from this. Our kids need to be monitored, we can now check updates all the time. This is where people are learning so much quicker than before. Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has become the place people are communicating and learning about sex, science, technology and just about anything.

LED lights

What else produces brighter and clearer lights at a cheaper cost and lasts at least 6 to 7 times longer than fluorescent and incandescent lights? The low-energy-consumption light-emitting diode lights of course. It is eco-friendly and will surely replace conventional lights very soon.

SIGG water bottle

You would have seen the SIGG brand by now and wondered why they are costly. This aluminum water bottle gives you the reason to stop using plastic bottles as they are known to be associated with processes and manufacturing which are not environmental friendly. With the cool designs and shapes, it puts style back into bringing refillable water bottles.


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