The more time you spend on Facebook, the more miserable you could become

The more time you spend on Facebook, the more miserable you could become

Remember the first time you created your Facebook profile? You were elated and probably ecstatic because you will know that you will be opened to a world of possibilities. After all, Facebook is and will always be one of the most exciting and smartest inventions of this decade.

Unknown to many, recent research has shown that Facebook has actually caused quite a lot miserable souls.

So if you are among those who have yet to create your Facebook page, perhaps you might have made the right choice in waiting. According to the study, people who are using Facebook too much are getting less satisfied with their lives.

The latest research can be said to be the most conclusive as it was the first to follow a group of Facebook users for an extended period of time to see if their emotions and feelings change over that time. Before this, there were short studies that found that Facebook created negative emotions like social tension, isolation and in some, depression.

For the 2 weeks of observation, the volunteers in this study were required to report 5 times a day on their state of mind and there were some very interesting findings. Analysis of the results found that the more the respondent used Facebook, the worse they reportedly responded. One very interesting question at the start of the research was their ‘satisfaction with life’ where they were asked the same question at the end of the 2 weeks where there was a strong indication that it had worsen.

However, a positive note on this is there was improvement in social interaction but that was not the objective of this study.

If the research is to be believed, this means that you might want to minimize your dependency on social network for interaction with your friends and families. Spend more time in the physical world and if you need to immerse in technology, perhaps you can consider the likes of the Google Glass or more useful mobile apps and you could perhaps gain a whole new perspective and motivation to life.

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