The essentials of home made facials that you need to know

Home made facials

For those that didn’t know you can actually do your own facial at the comfort of your own home. The most common items that can be used to make the home facials consist of honey, tomato, eggs, herbs, essential oils, a variety of fruits and just about anything that you can find in your pantry.

The kitchen is your source for beautiful looking skin


As the latest trend is to go natural most people would assume that taking this route would be much safer as compared to the commercials products that you will find at the stores. This however is not the case as some of the world’s deadly poisons is 100% natural; while you may not find them in your kitchen you may want to read further on to see what type of products may not be suitable for your skin.


Preservatives are not all that scary


For most people they complain that the preservatives that are found in the cosmetic that they use will irritate their skin but this will only occur to those that have extremely sensitive skin. The word preservative may strike fear into the hearts of those that have sworn to going all natural but in reality preservatives are really useful as they make the cosmetics that we use much safer. This is because the preservatives that are found in the cosmetic products can kill or at the very least the mold, viruses, bacteria or other form of nasty things that may be found in the cosmetics that we use. You will not only find the preservatives in the cosmetics but also packaged foods as well, which we will make it safe for us to consume. As for the very high end type of cosmetics they may use sterile capsules in order to do away with or at least minimize the need for the use of preservatives.


Don’t be lazy or just go out and buy it


So this means that when you make your own batch of facial to use at home, you have to make sure that you make just enough for the use at that particular time. Do not for the sake of convenience make a batch for later use, unless you have want to sterilize everything, freezing it in the freezer and making sure that it is kept away from the raw meat while it is in the freezer which is pretty much doing more work than it is actually worth the effort. If you do not do this yet you find yourself making extra batches there will be a high risk of getting the home made cosmetics contaminated which of course could lead to skin irritation and the objective is lost since the whole point was to make the skin healthy. If you have the time then you can make your own home made cosmetics as we are trying to discourage you from doing it. However if you find that it is more of a hassle then the other option is the store bought items which are just as effective. A word of precaution though if you do make your own cosmetics you must make sure that you use it immediately and the ingredients that you use must be the freshest that you can possibly get your hands on. If you choose the ingredients that are spoilt or just plain not fresh, they may turn out to be more disastrous to the skin then before you applied it.


Natural doesn’t always mean safe so be careful!


When you use these items you have to be careful with them as well, take lemons for example. Most of the home made beauty recipes call for lemons to be included in the recipe, as they have very useful properties such as lightening of the freckles and can even be used as a toner.They may come highly recommended for the use of home made cosmetics but if you are not careful with the lemon juice they can cause nasty burns as the juice is ph2. If that holds no significance to you, if you compare that to sulphuric acid that is pH 1 which basically means that it is very acidic. With this level of intensity of acids in the lemons, you can try to neutralize the acidity by mixing in almond meal or just dilute it with water. You have to remember that your skin on the face area is very thin, so putting something that has that level of acidity would not be a good idea. But do not get frightened and start getting rid of all your recipes as some of the ingredients are very safe to use as well as being effective. For the soothing of the skin you can consider using oats. What you do is cook a bag of oats and use it while you are bathing. This remedy is used to soothe those that are suffering from itchy skin.


It’s like buying a car you need to test it first


Like with the products that you buy at the stores, different products are manufactured to suit specific face types. This goes for the same with the home made cosmetics as different ingredients will suit different skin types. For example if you have dry skin then it is best recommended that you buy ingredients that are richer and more nourishing. For those that are suffering from really dry skin, then olive oil and almond oil will prove beneficial for these people. It is best that you try out these ingredients for yourself, you can hear tales about how wonderful these ingredients are your friend’s skin but it may have a reverse effect on your skin. So what works for other people’s skin may not work for your skin.


Whether you are using the store bought cosmetic products or making your own batch at home, the key to getting the desired results is to have patience and perseverance. You would not likely find any product on this earth that will make your skin look great within a matter of hours or days. Be patient and take your time, remember you still have to try the products out to see how your skin reacts to it but when you do find it you will be very pleased with the results.






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