The Buzz about Drones

Drones, if you haven’t already know are currently the big buzz going around among gadget lovers. In the same category of products are those like hoverboards and smartphones.  From the established brands to more affordable ones, they are great sources of entertainment which can be used for both leisure and work.

What is the craze about drones?

One thing for sure, you can now buy drones anywhere. Shops are selling them like hot cakes or you could visit your local internet store to get one. From features to design, drones can be quite cool looking and used for a variety of reasons. Do you then, just buy any drone or the right one?

What to look for when buying a drone?

Buying a drone is very much like buying anything else. You need to have a process. Price would be your main concern but before that, take note of the following:

  1. Purpose
  2. features

What is the purpose of buying a drone?

This is the fundamental question you need to answer. Why do you need a drone? It will affect the outcome of your purchase and lead you to your next question. Typically, each drone will have its own features that would determine the price and design. So, identifying the purpose will then help you make your decision in the later stage. Here are some pointers.

  1. Is having a drone purely for fun?
  2. How long would you be flying your drone for? – This will help you decide on the battery power of the drone
  3. Is speed and direction a concern? There are certain drones (like an airplane drone) that fly in a straight line and most that do not.
  4. Do you need sight in your drone? If you are planning to capture video or pictures with your drone, then you need one with a good camera installed
  5. Is picture/video quality very important? If it is, then you might want to have one that has superior lens
  6. Do you plan to stream live? This is where your camera needs to support live streaming (or Wi-Fi enabled)

What about the features of the drone?

You will know by now that not all drones are created equal. In fact, each drone (or brand) has its own set of features and design. Basically, if you want a drone with a lot of features, then you will naturally be expected to pay more. Here are some that you might take note of:

  1. Generic ones – These are sometimes referred to as ready-to-fly drones. They have the basic features that you will expect in any drone. Some form of installations might be required but nothing out of this world that you cannot handle.
  2. Drone-only – this type of drone is where you will need to use your own remote control at some point. Most smartphones today have apps that you can download to connect with drones. Alternatively, you can buy a separate remote control to fly the drone.
  3. Communication features – certain types of drones come with high-tech communication features like GPS and Bluetooth.
  4. Camera – As stated earlier, you might want a drone with an add-on for cameras if you intend to stream live
  5. Power source – Drones typically run on batteries that need to be charged. Some manufacturers are now thinking of using solar power. That would solve a lot of problems

What are the top brands for drones?

You don’t have to look very far if you want to buy a drone. Visit a shop or go online. Among the drones that you can consider include:

  1. RC Drone – This is a Quadrocopter that comes with a HD camera and is Wi-Fi enabled. Priced only around RM160.00, it is among the more affordable brands in Malaysia
  2. JXD 509W Pioneer – the camera might not be extremely good but it has very good battery power. Price starts from about RM270.00.
  3. DJI Mavic Pro Foldable Obstacle Avoidance Drone – Great camera but is among the more expensive ones around.


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