The best way to avoid those wrinkles – nutrient and diet

way to avoid wrinkles

Wrinkles will form on the skin when it losses its elasticity as well as muscle tone. Methods that can be used to prevent your skin from forming such wrinkles include protecting your skin with the use of sunscreen. But the best way to counteract the process of aging is through vitamins and the diet that we take as foods will have a major impact on how the skin looks. So it is vital that you take food that is loaded with the essential vitamins that will reduce the amount of wrinkles that will appear on the facial area. The best way to determine whether you are in good health is through your skin.

Vitamins – never leave home without them

Have you heard of the alphabet soup? Well this goes the same for the types of vitamins that are out there, each with its benefits when you take them. Also there are a dozen types of vitamins out there that are body requires in order for it to function at its optimum. For example if you want your skin to heal at a faster rate then it is important for you to take Vitamin A, Vitamin E will help improve the circulation in the body and is also important to repair tissues while Vitamin C will help to promote the production of collagen.

The foods you should avoid and eat

Avoid any form of processed foods which is not only not healthy for your body but when your body is not healthy it will show on your skin. So try to make an effort to have a healthier diet as part of your lifestyle. Foods that are anti-inflammatory in nature should be introduced into your diet such as melon, black beans, spinach, avocado and the list just goes on. The internet is a good place for you to do your research about the health properties of each of the food that you consume as well as the foods that you should avoid altogether or at least eat sparingly of. If you are still overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information that is available on the internet and you cannot decide which can be trusted, your next best option is to make an appointment with a dietician to discuss your eating habits. And of course the number one rule that we always hear about but unfortunately for most of us we have the uncanny ability to neglect which is to drink plenty of water.

To smoke or not to smoke

If you take a closer look and compare a smoker with that of a non-smoker, you will find that the smoker has more wrinkles when compared to that of the non-smoker. Not to mention the fact that smoking is also associated with a variety of health problems, so the best advice is just to avoid is completely. This goes for the consumption of alcohol as well; try not to drink it until you can’t even walk a straight line without falling flat on your face. Alcohol should be consumed in moderation; in fact this goes for all forms of products that will potentially make you ill such as sugar, fried food and so on. Moderation is the key to keeping yourself healthy as well as your skin.

Other things that you need to take into consideration includes exercising, as this will increase the circulation in your body and provide your skin with that healthy glow that you desire. Remember when your mother told you not to make faces or it will permanently stick that way, well it may not do that but it may cause your skin to form wrinkles. So the next time you want to frown when you are not happy, try to make a conscious effort to avoid it. For all the women out there that have busy schedules, whatever excuses that you want to come up with to not remove your make up before you go to sleep – don’t! You will surely regret it as make up is severely drying and will reduce the moisture from your face. Speaking of which never, ever clean your face with a bar of soap, use only the facial cleansers that target specifically the facial area.

The key to all this tips and advice is patience and perseverance, it will do you no good to try the steps one day and give up because you do not see any results. You will need to incorporate these into your lifestyle so that it will become second nature for you, forcing yourself to do it will get you nowhere.



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