The best positions used in public sex

Best positionsin public sex

Okay, this might not be something you do everyday or know of anyone who does but you never know if you actually need it. So what are the best positions when you get to have sex in public? Assuming that there is no fear in getting caught, here are some of the best positions.


You need not use the tree for this but it could be done anywhere, the toilet of the club, the back alley of the pub or at the car park. Its basically doggie style but standing up. Of course if you are in the woods, the tree serves as the best support for her position in such a way which is easy to control and adjust.

If you can find space (which is usually in the toilets) then the most comfortable and ideal position is where she sits on you while you sit on the toilet seat. Make sure that the seat is the rounded type and the cover is down, otherwise, there could be risks. This is also the best position if you are in the car although you could put the seats down and you are in a lying down position. Cars are the worst places for missionary because the uneven seats makes it hard to enter.


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