Taska Tulip

Taska Tulip is a Montessori nursery and play school that was established in 2009 and is wholly owned by Tulip Child Development Sdn Bhd. The founder brings with her over twenty years of experience in early childhood education and also working with children who have special needs.

The staff at Taska Tulip is dedicated and committed to the Montessori way of education that focusses on the holistic growth of the child. Our primary goals are to prepare children for school and life, develop creative thinking and problem solving and to build communication, speaking and social skills.

Taska Tulip has been approved by the Department of Social Welfare – Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development

Taska Tulip is the answer to your child’s holistic educational needs.

Our core programmme is based on the Montessori method which focuses on the development of the different areas in a child’s life….all catered towards enhancing the child’s concentration, coordination, independence, and order. This is tailored based on the child’s ability & maturity. Our program covers the following developments…

Language (English, Bahasa Malaysia  & Mandarin), Mathematics, Socio – Emotions, Physical (Gross & Fine Motor), Culture, Creativity, Cognitive Play

Our school hours are from 8.30am till 1.00pm (younger children go home earlier). On certain days, we also have exciting afternoon activities from 12.45pm – 1.45pm.

Our Classes are divided as follows:

Toddlers : Walking age – 2.5 yrs  [Teacher – Student Ratio 1:5]

Pre Montessori : 2.5 – 3.5 yrs [Teacher – Student Ratio 1:8]

Montessori (L1) : 3.5 – 4 yrs [Teacher – Student Ratio 1:8]

Montessori (L2) : 4 – 6.5 yrs [Teacher – Student Ratio 1:8]

Therefore, our goal is to…

The Montessori educational philosophy believes that the educational method, to be effective, must support and address the nature of the child.

Develop a positive attitude towards learning , Help each child develop a healthy sense of self confidence, Assist each child in building a habit of concentration, Foster an abiding curiosity and awaken the child’s sense of imagination, Develop habits of initiative and persistence, Encourage the child’s inherent love for learning.

To attain the Montessori objectives, teachers play an important role in the life of a child. That is why at Taska Tulip we only accept teachers who share in our vision for holistic education. Our comprehensive training programme equips them for this task.

It is based upon the inner nature of the child that the role of the teacher is defined. Our teachers observe the child to determine what is of interest to the child. They then prepare the environment to meet the observed needs of the child.

It is on the nature of the child and the observed needs of the child, the environment is prepared to serve the child.



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