Taking care of your parents or send them to old-folks home?

Malaysians and Asians are very compassionate people. Unlike the western culture, we practice a very different way of life comparatively especially when it comes to family issues and taking care of our loved ones. While in countries like the United States and England where children move out of their parents’ homes once they come out to work and earn their own living, Asians differ in this context.

Particularly in Malaysia, the common practice is that parents take care of their children when they are young and growing up and when they earn their own living and have their own families, they will then take care of their parents. However, as the world moves into the modern era and into a more competitive society, this type of practice is no longer common as before. Suffice to say, the Malaysian economy is becoming more fast paced than ever and in doing so, financial commitments and quality time become more competitive. Hence, the question of how do we accommodate our parents become a widely debated issue.

The most important factor about this issue is that when you start earning your own income and charting your own career, you must not forget that it was your parents who brought you the success that you enjoy. It was their hardwork and sheer dedication to see you succeed that has given you all the education and lessons you need in order to get to where you are today. You might be on your way up the corporate ladder, earning a meagre income or have already succeeded and making a 5 or 6 figure salary, but your parents are your responsibilities.

Sending your parents to the old-folks home might be the answer to all your problems like logistics, place to say, food and such but it actually means that you do not like to have them around anymore. It is your responsibility (and your siblings) to ensure that your parents enjoy their lives now that they have retired and no longer need to work for your well-being. One thing for sure, they do not require you to give them half of your salary but all they want now is to enjoy the remaining years with their children and grand-children. You might not like them around, nagging you and all that, but they do not deserve to be sent to the old-folks home because it is like a prison where only those who are shunned away live.


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