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Malaysian Career Guide

Top 10 Jobs in Sales

Malaysia has a thriving market when it comes to jobs and careers. There are jobs everywhere in almost every type of industry anyone can imagine.

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Top 10 Theme Parks in Malaysia

Malaysia has been known for its world-class theme parks of late especially in light of the opening of Legoland in Johor. While these theme parks

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Malaysian Career Guide

Top 10 Malaysian Companies to work for

If you are planning to find employment within a local Malaysian company but do not know where to start, we have compiled the top 10

Malaysian Career Guide

Quick tips to stay calm for an interview

You have everything thought out, the answers, the documents, the dressing and all you need to ace the interview. The one thing you did not

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Technology and Gadget Guide

Are you a YouTube addict?

The most important part about solving a problem is to first know you have a problem. And spending too much time on YouTube is a

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