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Top 6 Tips on your First Night

malaysia wedding night

Before you romp your way to breaking the bed on your first night of your marriage, make sure you know what you are doing and what to do! The night of your wedding is surely an exciting affair (if it hasn’t already been). It is where you are legitimately married and starting a new life…. Read more »

Tips to Visiting Legoland Malaysia

malaysia legoland malaysia

Located in the Iskandar Malaysia development in Johor Bahru, Legoland Malaysia is one of the top attractions in the country. In fact, it is the first international theme park which was opened in the Nusajaya development back in 2012.

Modern Sporting Activities in the Klang Valley

malaysia modern sports

Playing sports can be very fulfilling and enjoyable especially when you are good at them. You might have been playing badminton since your schooling years and probably in the state football team before. So you continue playing these games well into your adulthood and is still doing so. Have you ever wanted to change and… Read more »

Top 5 Children Libraries in Klang Valley

malaysia national library

Cultivating good reading habits among children is a healthy practice. This is something that should start from the youngest age possible and not all preschools will teach them to do so. Libraries today are a lot more modern than before where there are digital collections, new media and events. So which are the best libraries you… Read more »

Guide to tipping in restaurants

malaysia tipping

Tipping has often been a tough decision to make in our daily lives. Believe it or not, people actually remembers if you are a good or bad tipper which is why you sometimes get really bad services at certain restaurants despite having patronage those places for years. So how should you tip? Or better still,… Read more »

Understanding GST In Malaysia

malaysia gst

The impending implementation of the GST or Goods and Services Tax in Malaysia has been one of the most talked about issues since it was announced by the Prime Minister of Malaysia during his Budget 2014 speech. A lot of speculation has been going around since on whether there will be an increase in price… Read more »

What do the stars in hotel ratings mean?

malaysia 5 star hotel

When going on your vacation, you hear about staying in a 5-star hotel or 3-star place. So what do those stars actually mean? Generally, hotels are rated between 1 to 5 stars where anything below that no longer fall under the category of a hotel and anything above that is a lot luxurious. Learn more… Read more »

4 Types of Financial Apps You Must Have

malaysia financial apps

The working and corporate life is hectic and very busy. In trying to make ends meet, you often overspend or lose focus in your spending which can be very detrimental to your financial health. So to keep your finances in check, we find out the top 4 categories of mobile apps which can help you… Read more »