Stressing the importance of homework

Stressing the importance of homework

So no one is an expert in teaching, especially parents. But as parents you tend to want to be there for your kids when it comes to their homework. How then should you do it? One of the more common traits of parenting is really to ensure that your kids finish their homework. After that they can watch TV, play the computer and so on. Everything that they like doing, they must first do what they don’t like. That is the rule, it has always been this way.

The thing about parents is that they would make a big deal about homework. Whether the kids like it or not, they have to finish them. Some parents would sit down with their kids and coach them, others prefer to leave them on their own and check when they are done while there are some who believe their kids are able to cope themselves and do not need to worry. The fact is that there should be a time and place for homework in the home where the kids are free from distractions and noise.

The importance of homework

The first and foremost thing that the kid should understand is the importance of homework. As parents, you must find a place in the home where your child is able to do their school work with no distractions like noise, music or the blaring television. The place should be proper and clean as well. This would prove to them that homework are important parts of their lives at home and hence they will then be able to put priority in doing so and completing them. On top of that, you should also educate your kids about why they should finish their work. It is also a common practice that parents who bring their work back home to do them with their kids in the same place where they are doing their homework. This would then encourage them in a way where they will be able to grasp the fact that ‘if daddy have homework and finishes them, then we should too’. Furthermore doing work together encourages chemistry as well as allowing you to coach them if they have a problem they cannot solve.

How to help your kids with their homework?

Most parents believe that they are the best teachers for their kids. Although this might be so for certain parents, it is not the best thought to bring with your when educating your kids. In homework from school especially, there are times when you might have a conflicting theory with the teacher. If you tell your kids that the teacher is wrong, it gives them a negative affect in their confidence of the teachers. So if there really is something wrong, then it is best to approach the teacher or their head of departments to rectify them. Naturally, teachers get offended if they are told that they taught something wrong so this is where you have to be tactful, which will be addresses in another article.

Teaching your kids is not easy especially when it comes to things they learnt in school. Always make references to what the teacher taught in school. Ask your kids what they learnt and then you will have to try and understand from there. This is a good method as it helps your kid recap what they absorbed in class and then convey them to you. On top of that, they will also pay more attention in class to ensure that they know how to explain to you later. The most important thing to take note when coaching your kids with their homework is by aligning with what is taught in school, not going against the flow.

You might have to pay more attention if your kid faces problems with their homework all the time or in all subjects. This would perhaps have nothing to do with academics and would most likely be some external factors that are affecting them. You will have to ask them or find out why they are not interested or seemed to have lost interest. Certain cases involved their social life in school or it could be due to bullying and such, all of which will have an impact in their education.

Ultimately, it is vital that you must know in advance what your kid needs in doing their homework bearing in mind that you might know what is being taught but you might not know how to teach. If you can, you would do it yourselves but if you cannot then it is better that you seek additional help either from a personal tutor or through friends who might be able to help.


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