Stop the water running when brushing your teeth

Stop the water running when brushing your teeth

Water is a very precious commodity that we often take for granted. This is because Malaysia is one country where water can be found almost anywhere. Very seldom are there any problems like water shortage that leads to water rationing and such.

Because of this, Malaysians often use water without any reservations. This is where we tend to take it for granted that there will be constant water supply forever. If we are not careful, there might just be water shortage in the near future. The government of Malaysia has reported that the recent haze crisis might cause a problem with water shortage very soon.

There are many ways that we can save water, which in a long run helps to reduce your utility bills. Below are some facts.

First you must understand how much is 1 liter of water. A glass of water is about 250ml which means that 1 liter is about 4 glasses of water.

Use pails to wash your car

– when washing your car, if you spend about 10 minutes of running water, it will take 400 liters of water. If you use 5 pails of water, it is only 45 liters which is about 10%.

Cleaning the floor

– use a pail and mop to clean the floor. It only take about 15 liters of water. If you leave the tap running, you will use up to 200 liters.

Loading your washing machine

– try to accumulate a full load and wash them once every 2 days. This will utilize about 130 liters. If you use a half load, it is the same amount of water used.

Watering the plants

– the easiest way to do this is to keep the tap running. Use a water dispenser instead.

Forget the bath tubs

– this is a luxury that you should use only once every week. Otherwise use the shower. The bath tub requires about 100 liters of water while the shower only uses one-fifth of this amount

Flushing the toilet

– a full flush will use about 9 liters of water while a short one could be between 3 to 4.5 liters. Do the math.

Brushing your teeth

– the worst habit you can have is to leave the water running when you are brushing your teeth. If you do so for 5 minutes, you would have consumed 45 liters of water without washing anything. Turn it off when you are brushing your teeth and only turn on the tap when you want to gargle. The best is to use a glass which will only consume half a liter of water.

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