Starting your own organic garden

And so, you have been educated about the benefits of organic foods and perhaps you have been thinking about growing your own. After all, producing your own crops means it will be as organic as it gets.

How should you start?

Organic gardening is very simple. It is not like you have to clear an entire land area to start. All you need is the right mindset, the tools and the conviction and you are ready to go! Then, you can think further including making your own Organic toiletries too.

Best Practices of Organic gardening

One thing for sure, it takes a while before you get it right. This requires practice. So you might not want to expect to get it right in your first try. Here are some pointers:

  • Remember, what you want is to have a more natural gardening system, not just about doing something different
  • Be mindful about what you are using. Visit organic stores and get more advice

Soils and Fertilizers

Now that you have the right mindset, its time to get started. First things first, prepare the soil. You will have to first condition the soil so you need to have them in good health at all times. This will let your crop enjoy the nutrients it needs.

Use a home testing kit and then send the sample to the agricultural department. That will give you a clear indication of the pH and nutrient contents of the soil. Once you get this right, then your crops will grow. It might not happen immediately, but it will be worth the wait.

Next, you need good compost and then you can start choosing the plants to grow. Source for the fertilizers from your local organic supplier. That would be the same place to find seeds that you need as well.



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