SK-II is one of the most established skin care products today. It is a brand marketed by Procter & Gamble (P & G), one of the world’s leading fast moving consumer goods company. The brand was originally launched in 1980 in Japan and is positioned as one of the premium beauty brands around. The brand was created by a scientist in Japan who upon noticing the soft skins and youthful texture of the women who were working in a Sake production brewery discovered that there might be a relation somehow. Hence, the research went underway and it was then that they discovered the Pitera which is a natural, nutrient rich liquid.

The Japanese branch of a major cosmetics brand Max Factor would then acquire the rights to this and then launched their Max Factor Key with Pitera and then continued to expand it to Max Factor SK-II. The brand then suffered a major setback after Max Factor went through a few stages of changes in ownership and it was only when A G Lafley was given the task to overhaul the declining business of P & G in Japan. He repositioned the Max Factor brand and decided to push the SK-II cream. This was a huge success and in 5 years, it would become the top premium cosmetics brand in Japan which have been previously held by Shiseido. Today, SK-II is known around the world as Max Factor SK-II or simply as SK-II depending on the market it is being sold in.

The SK-II product is a popular choice among women because of the fact that it produces results which makes the skin appear lighter and fairer. Hence, they are able to charge a premium price for its products. However, the company is careful to ensure that its customers are aware of how to apply the cream and its implications although there has not been any reports of side effects. It must be noted that skin care suitability varies from each individual which means that it might not be suitable for all skin types. Thus, it is common that SK-II are sold on counters where beauty advisers are ever ready to explain the directions and how to use the cream as well as whether the particular skin type is suitable.


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