Simple make up tips with fantastic results

Simple make up tips

Nail Care

If you have never tried this then you should. Studies have shown that tapping you nails on a hard surface on a daily basis promotes nail growth. To make sure that your nails look healthy and young you should moisturize the nails as well as the cuticles and to keep your nails clean have a handy quality nail brush handy at hand. You should never let your nails grow to become too long or cutting them too short, this is because when you leave them to become too long they will easily break off and if you cut them too short they will lead to your nails to recede. So instead you should keep your nails in the length that is just beyond the end of your fingertips. A file and a buffer will come in handy as the buffer will smooth away imperfections on your nails and use the file to shape your nails. For those that like to apply nail polish, it is best recommended that you should remove them every four to five days as to let your nails breathe. You should worry about dehydration if you apply too many coats of nail polish on top of each other.Â

Eye Shadow

Before you apply the eye shadow, test the color of it on the back of your hands. This is to see whether the colors suit your skin tone. To get a uniform color you have to remember to mix the eye shadow well. And finally to avoid the eye shadows from creasing, you can apply foundation to the eye lids before you apply the eye shadow.

Apply Foundation

After you have applied the basic foundation, you may want to use a concealer especially if have an imperfections and uneven skin color. However you may want to consider using this sparingly and use a makeup brush for accurate application. Do not throw away those foundations that are getting old or thick. They can be reused by mixing in moisturizer before you apply onto your skin. In warm weather, you may want to apply the foundation only to specific areas of your skin as the skin requires less coverage instead of applying it all over as a base to even out the color. You may also consider tinted moisturizer if you want a lighter base. Try dusting with a translucent loose powder on certain areas of your skin such as the chin, forehead and nose with a soft large brush. This is to keep your skin looking fresh and soft as well as your foundation flawless. And finally to add a healthy glow to your make up, you can use a blusher or a bronzer to lightly dust the cheekbone area in a sweeping motion.

Apply Powder

Like stated previously, choose the color that matches your skin tone and this goes for loose powder as well. It can match your skin tone as closely as possible or if you are opting for a warmer glow you can choose a powder that has a slightly pinky hue to it. However if you want a touch of glamour, so that you can have a great nights out then you should try the powder with reflective pigments that will give you that subtle but a glow that shimmers.

Cuticle Care

Besides your nails you should also take care of your cuticles and you can achieve this by applying moisturizer on to the cuticles as often as possible. Doing so will prevent them from looking ragged and lifting up. Removal cream should be applied to your cuticles at least every few days and you should not cut live cuticle skin. They should feel painless as you cut them as your objective is to remove the dead cuticle tissue. And finally you should push back your cuticles with a cuticle pusher and use a cuticle scissor to remove hang nails.

Apply Mascara

When you want to apply mascara, you should wipe off the extra amount of the mascara from the wand before using it. This is to prevent it from smudging. Also you should not choose the color of the mascara and match it with the color of you eyes, as this will not bring out the color of your eyes. If you want full lashes but hate it when they start to stick together, trying using an eye lash combo. If you are unable to find an eye lash combo you can always opt for a damp toothbrush to comb through your eye lashes which will provide the same result. Foundation powder can also be applied onto your eye lashes so that the mascara can stay longer on the lashes. So apply it before you put on the mascara on the eye lashes.

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