Silky Girl


Silky Girl is one of the major cosmetics brands from Malaysia. It has a full range of skin and beauty care products which are very established across the country.

Background of Silky Girl

Silky Girl Malaysia is owned and distributed by The Alliance Cosmetics Group, one of the largest personal care brand distributor in Malaysia. Besides that, The Alliance Cosmetics Group distributes products for hair and others too.

Types of products by Silky Girl

Silky Girl was first launched back in 2005. Since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the leading brands in its sector. Today, Silky Girl has products that include:

  1. cosmetics
  2. fragrances
  3. hair color
  4. men fragrances
  5. lipcare
  6. face products
  7. feminine hygiene wash
  8. and the Eau Thermale Avène skincare range

The Silky Girl brand

Since its launch, Silky Girl has resonated well with its customer segments. The products offered by Silky Girl are of high quality where it is meant to be used by its customers who are fun, young and confident. It has been advocated by some of the top artistes in the industry including Juliana Evans and Hong Ling.

Products by Silky Girl

Generally, there are 3 major categories offered by Silky Girl. They are:

  1. Silky Girl Make Up – This includes a full range of products for lips, face, eyes and skin. Silky Girl’s foundation products are among its most popular while it is known for its eyeliner and mascara as well. Besides that, Silky Girl Make Up range includes products for nails and makeup removers too
  2. Silky Girl Fragrance – This range caters for both men and women. This includes the Perfume concentrate and Eau De Toilette range respectively
  3. Silky Girl Haircolor – Targeted for both men and women, this range includes ColorShine and ZeroGrey to offer the added edge for those looking for a contemporary look.

The fragrance line was launched in 2006 to offer customers with an affordable range of perfume and related products for both men and women.

Where to buy Silky Girl products

As Silky Girl originated from Malaysia, this brand can be bought from most leading pharmacies, beauty care stores, department stores and hypermarkets across the country. In most cases, you can see Silky Girl counters at these outlets which usually carry a full range of their products. Meanwhile, Silky Girl has expanded its brand presence abroad where it can now be found in countries like Indonesia, Brunei and Singapore, among others.


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