Should you shop online or off?

The digital economy is upon us and shoppers have now turned to online retailers for shopping. After all that has been reported and said, is it even safe to shop online or should you stick to buying from brick and mortar shops?

Top tips to consider when shopping online

Not everything you see online is good although the reviews are all positive. So, what should you consider when buying online? We list down a few tips.

Pricing is not always best

One thing for sure, the price of products online should not be too different from physical stores. When you know a product you want to buy, you would know the price sold in the shops. When you are online, you should check the pricing first and it should be about 10 to 15% difference unless it is the last unit available. Then you might have found a gem!

Legitimate retailers

One thing for sure, you must only by from legitimate retailers online. Names like Zalora, Lazada and 11th Street would resonate. Having said that, you should be wary that some third-party resellers do sell imitation goods through these big names as well. If in doubt, always ask before buying. This is more evident when the product you are buying are extremely cheaper than the physical store. At least, if you are cheated into buying a product which is fake, you can report to the storefront.

Read the reviews

This might be tricky. When the reviews are all positive, then you might want to buy the product immediately. Always take these reviews with a pinch of salt. It would not be possible that everyone who bought the product would love it. But if a majority of the reviews are negative, then there really is no reason for you to buy the product at all. That is, unless it is only a fraction of the original price and you do not mind running the risk of buying a fake.


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