Secrets on how to prevent hair loss

prevent hair loss

Losing your hair is not about being vain or that you place your outward appearance as your number one priority. In fact hair loss can be associated with the lack of self-esteem which in the end might lead to social withdrawal if not corrected. But this des not have to happen to anyone, if you are able to understand the reasons why your hair thins or fall outs then you are on your way to prevent this from further happening. The following are some tips and guidelines to help you if you are having this problem so that you will have hair that is full and thick and free from any form of thinning.

These advices can be applied to either the ones that still have hair and just want to be careful to the ones whose hair are starting to thin out. You can follow these tips to get the thick, shiny and clean hair that you desire. There are a few reasons why you hair starts to thin out and this includes your hair not getting enough blood circulation to the scalp area, the follicles of your hair are slowly becoming plugged which has resulted in the prevention of hair growth and the last one is your hair is not receiving the essential minerals and nutrients that it needs to grow and stay strong.

It’s the same, you just have different results

Like acne your hair follicles can also get clogged, acne occurs in the pores when sebum and bacteria gets trapped in the pores which will then lead to the infection that we commonly know as pimples. So the same concept applies to your hair follicle but instead of getting an infection you instead will suffer from baldness. This is resulted from the hair being trapped in the follicle and it is unable to reach the surface. If you do not do anything about this, over a period of time the scalp will become smooth as you will lose most of the hair.

You need to know what is happening before you can treat it

So basically the secret in preventing from losing your hair, the thinning and balding of it is to just make sure that your hair follicles does not get clogged. Once you figure out how to unclog the pores then you will have the means to counteract the problem. Here are some of the factors that cause your follicles to get plugged; the excessive release of sebum that is mixed with scalp flakes that form a hard substance that can plug up the follicles, the excessive build up of testosterone in the blood that is later converted to become DHT which will result in the blocking of the pores and the use of hair care products, conditioners and shampoos that contain chemicals that stay on the scalp and will eventually clog up the follicles.

Blame it on the hormones

The build up of DHT in the follicles is due to the production of excessive amounts of testosterone which will eventually lead to the clogging of it. Now that you know that this can happen to your follicles, one of the counter measures that you can take is to use shampoos that are able to dissolve the DHT which will keep your follicles from being clogged up and your hair will grow normally. Another option that you can consider is to take capsules which can be used to prevent the conversion of testosterone into DHT.

Read the label!

Some of the hair care products in the market currently have ingredient contained in them that can be harmful to the scalp and hair such as preservatives, petrochemicals, and dyes. Not only can they get into the follicles and prevent hair growth but these chemicals can also get into the blood system which will result in the distribution of the chemical to the rest of the body. The next time you go out shopping for these items choose the ones that contain more natural ingredients and less of the chemicals, in addition to this you can also opt to make your own shampoo. However you should take note that making your own batch of hair care products has their own risk, so make sure that you read up on them before you do anything.

Don’t be a stranger with your hair

Like your skin type, people will also posses different type of hairs, some have dry hair and some will have oily hair. So when you hair follicles release excess amounts of sebum, it will accumulate on the scalp which will then be mixed with a combination of dirt, chemicals from the hair care products and the dead scalp cells which in the end will clog your follicles. While you may not be able to control the amount of sebum that is secreted from your follicles, you can choose the products that have lesser chemicals in them so that they do not get mixed into the follicles and clog it up. Gel that you use to style your hair is also not recommended as this can also be combined with the sebum.

A solution that is as easy as A, B, C.

One of the ways to keep your follicles open as well as your scalp clean is to use an aloe vera gel that is mixed with a few drops of jojoba oil. Make sure that when you buy these products they are pure aloe vera gel and pure jojoba oil. Take some of the gel and a few drops of the jojoba oil and rub them together with your hand before you apply the mixture into your hair. The objective of this is to keep your follicles open while maintaining hair that is thick and shiny.

So follow these simple to do steps and you will be on your way to preventing any hair loss.

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