Revealed! The secrets of celebrity make up artists

secrets of celebrity make up artists

No can deny the times that they have looked in the mirror wondering to themselves if they could ever achieve the beauty of the models that they see on the magazines or when the movie stars walk down the red carpet showing the flawless beauty that they possess. Now you can also achieve the looks that you desire by following these simple make up tips that are used the Hollywood’s top make up artist.

High Cheekbones you think only a model could have

If you want to create the illusion that you have model high cheekbones, what you need to do is apply a very thin line of highlighter in a diagonal line on the top of your cheekbones after you have applied foundation on your face. Start at the center of your pupil and finish at the end of the cheekbones, also make sure to blend thoroughly the make up. Repeat the step of using the highlighter but this time replace it with a contour cream or shadow, running it from the pupil until the end of the cheekbone and also remember to blend thoroughly.

Brows that could even be featured on Cover Girl

If you want to create this effect, what you need to do is pluck clean the area underneath the brow bone. Then you need to shape the brow with that of the widest part of the brow of the inner corner of the eye. And make sure that the brow goes thinner as it reaches out towards the temple while the highest part of the arch should be located above the outer edge of the pupil.

Seductive eyes that would snare just about anyone

First you need to apply a matte nude eye shadow over the entire eyelid and after that you would need to apply dark brown eyeliner so that you are able to highlight the upper as well as the lower part of the eyelids from the inner corner to the outer corner. To finish off the effect you would again need to apply another layer of the eye shadow, but this time it needs to be two shades darker. This is so that your eyes are creased and remember to blend it upwards to the eyebrow.

Flawless Complexion in a few simple steps

In order for you to get this effect you would need to mix the color correctors with that of your concealer. And after that apply it after you have moisturized but make sure that it is before you apply the foundation. The function of a color corrector is to counteract the specific flaws that are found in the facial complexions as well as a number of purposes such as covering blemishes, hiding imperfection and even out skin tones. There are many types of color correctors with different functions, for example orange correctors can be used to cover blue tones that originate from bruises, dark circles or even veins. The mint green corrector is used for neutralizing the redness that can be found on the skin while lavender correctors can be used to hide swollenness.

Sexy Lips that will even surprise you

The first thing that you need to do is trace the outer edge of your lips with a lip pencil that matches the color of your lips. After that you need to apply a color that is slightly lighter than the lips and remember to blot once you are done. Finish off the make up by pursing the lips and always remember to dab at the center of your lips a little white eye shadow.

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