Repeating that orgasm move

Repeating that orgasm move

It is a constant challenge and one which is not achievable all the time. Orgasm for her is considered a trophy at times because chances are you are not sure if she is faking it or not. After all, it is easy for them to fake it. Arching her back, her pitch goes higher and she is somewhat squirming. Is she coming? You are thinking. But then, you are so caught up in the moment, you are not sure if it is for real.

So assuming that it is real, how do you do it again?

Prepare. First of all, remember that smell is the strongest senses so if you want to turn her on, use a musky cologne or any smell which she really likes. Remember, never to overdo this or you will overkill the moment. Know what she likes and you get the first step right.

When using your tongue, check in at the 10 and 2 o-clocks respectively. These are the sensitive areas which you cannot get close too when you are on top or behind. So if you are using your tongue and fingers, focus on these areas and you are on your way. Other ‘really sensitive’ areas include the right side of her spine and this has something to do with the right and left brain functions. Kiss her there, it would not make her come immediately but you will be on your way.


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