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How to Protect Your Personal Data

As much as we like to be connected to the internet whether for business or leisure, we cannot escape the fact that this actually opens up part of your computer to the public. Websites, email accounts and your social media accounts are frighteningly exposing a part of you to everyone to see. Why should you… Read more »

Build a super-fast PC with SSD and Windows 8

The recent launch of Microsoft Windows 8 has boosted the whole computing industry. In fact, it was quite an anticipate move as end user computing can now enjoy the best of both worlds, the mobile and the not-so-mobile operating system coming from the most well-known OS developer in the world.

WIreless Alarm and CCTV System for your home

When it comes to security for your home, it cannot be compromised. As a matter of fact, security has become an extremely important factor for the home in light of rising crime rates and problems like snatch-thieves, burglars and break-ins. Communities are building security systems while homes are now equipped with all types of state-of-the-art… Read more »

How to buy a computer?

While most of us are technology savvy in today’s fast moving world, there are many who would like to buy a computer but does not know where to start. Buying a computer today is very different as compared to some 10 years ago.

iPhones – Models and thereafter

The date was September 7, 2011 and it was rumoured to be when Apple will be launch the widely anticipated iPhone 5. Kodawarisan, a Japanese website was the one responsible in spreading the rumour which is the date of the annual fall event and since then Apple users and reviewers around the world have been… Read more »

Windows updates including free WIndows 10

Anyone who has used Windows before could attest that the since overcoming the problems in Windows Vista through Windows 7 and then 8 has changed the landscape tremendously. Just Update to get your free Windows 10 In a recent unprecedented move by Microsoft, they provided a free Windows 10 as long as you update your… Read more »