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How to extend your smartphone battery life

malaysia smartphone batterymeter-300x300

Battery life in smartphones has always been a problem with users. It is not strange to see someone carrying a power bank connected to their smartphone in public as they tend to run out of energy quite quickly especially when you are running multiple apps each day. However, there are ways that you can practice… Read more »

Precaution! April and September have the most lightning in Malaysia. Unplug when not in use


It was reported recently that Malaysia has the second highest lightning strikes in the world. And the warning came from one of the top US experts in the area of lightning, floods and thunderstorms. So what does that mean actually? It means that when there is thunder and lightning, one needs to be extremely careful… Read more »

Comparison of Group Deal Sites in Malaysia

Group deal sites are very popular around the world today. In fact, this market has grown from its early stages into one of the highest profit generating methods for many businesses in the market. Malaysia has one of the highest billings when it comes to group deals where there are countless sites offering bargain deals… Read more »