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Crowd Notebook is flexible, literally

Crowd Notebook

Designed by Philipp Schaake, the Crowd Notebook is one of the most revolutionary gadgets and it recently won second place in the Fujitsu Design Award 2011 just behind Lifebook. This is a cool notebook where it has a very chic pattern, a cool modern design which also include a detached display screen with the keyboard.

Concept cars

concept car

Concept cars are common among automotive manufacturers and the Maininki Concept Car is one which is out of the blue and unique in its own sense. It is basically a luxury sedan car which is designed as a hatchback model. It is however, environmentally friendly where its design is inspired and is drawn from  the… Read more »

The future of smartphones

Future of smartphones

Called the interactive paper, it will surely change the way interactive computing is going to be in the future. This is typically a small piece of paper computer which can fit into a small mobile phone and would be one of the

Compact Camper Van

Compact Camper Van

The Compact Camper Van is typically a camper van. It is built based on the inspiration drawn from the Hot Rods of the 1950s as well as luxury yachts which mean that the Compact Camper Van is an ideal vehicle to bring along to the coasts and beach fronts.

Court: Remand of 30 were legitimate and legal

Court Remand of 30

The 30 people who are arrested and remanded for 7 days recently for allegedly trying to ‘wage war against the Yang di-Pertuan Agong’ were detained legally and it was a legitimate measure taken by the police. The High Court in Georgtown ruled that the move was ‘correct, legal and proper’ and hence there is no… Read more »