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The Borders vs JAWI case

Borders vs JAWI case

In the most recent ruling, the owner of Borders, Berjaya Books Sdn Bhd had failed in their stay application for any action by JAWI (the Federal Territory Islamic Affairs Department). This was in relation to the recent seizure of the Irshad Manji’s book entitled ‘Allah, Kebebasan dan Cinta ‘(Allah, Liberty and Love) that took place… Read more »

Should the A-G’s power be limited?

Should the AGs power be limited

The A-G (Attorney-General) of Malaysia is known to be one of the most powerful men in Malaysia. This is mainly because the A-G, as he is known has the direct power to enforce laws and take someone to court if they have broken the law. The A-G’s powers are accorded through Article 145(3) of the… Read more »

Lawyers against amendment of Evidence Act that will hold Wi-fi restaurants liable

Lawyers against amendment of Evidence Act

The recent amendment to the Evidence Act has raised some concern among lawyers. This deals with the new amendment which deals primarily with the issue of social media and on defamatory publications on their profiles. The amendments stipulated that if anyone is found with defamatory statements or publications through their social media accounts like Facebook… Read more »

Home Ministry loses appeal to ban SIS book

Loses appeal to ban SIS book

The Court of Appeal recently dismissed the appeal filed by the Home Ministry that challenged the lifting of the banning of the book ‘Muslim Women and the Challenges of Extremism’. The book was published by SIS (Sister of Islam) in October 2005 where the Home Ministry has claimed that it was prejudicial to public order… Read more »