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Substituted services – Malaysia Law

Substituted services Malaysia Law

A substituted service is basically an advertisement that has been made in the court and you would normally find such advertisements in the local daily newspaper. For example you will find these kinds of advertisements in The Star, Borneo Mail, News Straits Time, Daily Express and so on. You can only apply to serve the… Read more »

Bankruptcy Law – Malaysia

Bankruptcy Law Malaysia

Let’s begin by defining what bankruptcy is, it is basically a way to deal with the debts that you are unable to settle and when they fall due. The bankruptcy proceedings will then allow you to free yourself from the excessive debts that will result in allowing you to make a fresh start. However there… Read more »

Bankruptcy Proceedings

Bankruptcy Proceedings

In terms of monetary claims the judgment debtor is the person that is against the judgment or the order that has been made or given. In layman’s term it is basically the losing party. The other party is known as the judgment creditor where the judgment is obtained so that there is payment of the… Read more »

Hidden costs in Serviced Apartments

Hidden costs Serviced Apartments

Owning serviced apartments can be a costly affair if you are not aware of the hidden costs and such. This is where you will find that owning such properties might be more difficult than it seems because of such costs. Services apartments can be hard to maintain if you are not aware of the maintenance… Read more »

The SUHAKAM Public Inquiry Into the Incidents During and After Bersih 3.0

SUHAKAM Public Inquiry in Bersih 3

The current issue going on around in the country would be the inquest into the alleged violence and police brutality in the recent Bersih 3.0 sit-in rally. The inquest is being carried out by Suruhanjaya Hak Asasi Manusia Malaysia or Suhakam (Human Rights Commission of Malaysia). Basically, what it is looking into is the “incidents… Read more »

The Death in Custody case of R Gunasegaran

The Death in Custody case

The case of death in custody has caused many issues of concern recently so much so that there has been calls that the police investigations should be carried out under the supervision of a coroner. In fact, according to Mr Lim Chee Wee, the president of the Malaysian Bar, the proposal was well received by… Read more »