Malaysian Culture in Malaysia

Have you ever wondered what the origins of the Minangkabau culture was? Do you want to find out more about the Kuda Kepang and Wau Bulan which are so popular cultures in Malaysia?
Manners, practices and Malaysian styles
Should you remove your shoes before entering someone’s home? How should you shake hands with the host? Learn more about the common practices in Malaysia, what is considered etiquette and what is not? Learn about the general ethics and other moral values of Malaysia.

Geographical and Cultural Facts

Located in the south eastern part of Asia, Malaysia is a beautiful country. It shares its borders with countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Malaysia is a country where you will find people from all ethnic backgrounds in the world. It has a very rich culture that has the influence of many other cultures on it. In the past few years, Malaysia has reinvented itself as the favourite tourist spot for people who are looking for a holiday destination where they can get a mix of history, culture and natural beauty with all the trappings of a comfortable vacation like good hotels, great food and good shopping experience.

malaysia scariest places
Malaysian Culture

12 Scariest Places in Malaysia

Malaysia is known for a lot of things. Whether it is political or societal, there are always stories and unsolved mysteries. The following are among

Malaysian Culture

Types of churches in Malaysia

Christianity in Malaysia dates back to as early as the 7th century. Hence, you will find some of the oldest churches around the country particularly

Malaysian Indians
Malaysian Culture

Malaysian Indians

Malaysia is a well-known country with multiracial heritage namely Malay, Chinese and Indian. These groups of Malaysian Indians are descended from those who migrated from

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