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RC Niko Hobby Malaysia

Niko Sales & Services Centre , was established in 1994, is the premier RC Hobby Wholesaler and Retailer in Malaysia. Trusted by thousands of customers, we provide to you the most comprehensive RC models from Car, Helicopter, Airplance to Boat. To support your need, we carry full range of RC parts and accessories of which made by world’s leading… Read more »

Most Amazing Technologies beyond 2019

Most Amazing Technologies beyond 2019

The world is constantly advancing with the latest developments and new technologies. You will be left far behind if you are not aware of these. Here are some of the most recent amazing technologies happening RIGHT NOW! 3D Printing Organs You would have heard about printers that can print phone covers, acrylic cases and even… Read more »

Clean up your Facebook and stop other apps from taking your data

Recent news have reported that Facebook is facing a crisis after a revelation from British political research company Cambridge Analytica that it has obtained information from Facebook users. This includes that of 50 million users through a ‘legitimate’ method. Gone are the days when safety was only about your child. It now affects adults too…. Read more »

12 Scariest Places in Malaysia

malaysia scariest places

Malaysia is known for a lot of things. Whether it is political or societal, there are always stories and unsolved mysteries. The following are among the few which remains unsolved and still intriguing. Karak Highway – Known to be the spookiest highway in Malaysia. It has the highest accident rate. A yellow Volkswagen without a… Read more »

How to make your own directional Wi-Fi antenna?

malaysia home wifi antenna

Ever wanted to ‘control’ your Wi-Fi directions? Now you can with your own home-made Directional Wi-Fi Antenna It can be very distressing when you have Wi-Fi internet access at home with weak signals in certain parts like the kitchen or in the basement. Instead of spending a lot of money on Wi-Fi boosters which sometimes… Read more »