Reactive measures called after series of high-profile crime cases

Reactive measures called after series of high-profile crime cases

With the rising crime rate happening in the country and reports that are raising concerns, Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein, the Home Minister is calling for more action. This is where the police chiefs of several states will now have to channel reports of high profile crime cases to him directly.

Hishammuddin called on the police chiefs to send in their reports to him and that he will be meting with them to discuss measures that need to be taken to fight crime, particularly in places that are commonly targeted by criminals like car parks in shopping centres, which have came under much spotlight recently.

Although the government reported that there have been a 10.1% in crimes committed in the country, it seems that criminals have become more daring and aggressive which did not reflect well with the statistics.

The Minister added that new approaches will be adopted where that includes stationing personnel from RELA (People’s Volunteer Corps) at shopping complexes to assist in the security system. This would well be one way to save costs as it is quite impossible to station policemen at these places.

This is a common case where it is very reactive rather than productive. It is in the recent rise in crime cases that the Ministry had sat up and takes action. Otherwise, they would have rest on its laurels, especially with ‘favourable’ statistics that were recently released.

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