Quick tips to stay calm for an interview

You have everything thought out, the answers, the documents, the dressing and all you need to ace the interview. The one thing you did not expect was that you will feel so nervous that your palms become sweaty, your mouth dry and you might just fumble. So what should you do?

Bear in mind that if you let your nervousness show, you might just lose this interview. So you need a quick fix.

Clear your mind. Count from 1 and pace yourself. If you cannot do that, look at your watch and follow the second hand. You will not forget the answer.

Remember that as much as you might be nervous, so is the interviewer. No matter how experience the person might be, he or she only has 20 to 30 minutes to evaluate if you will be shortlisted.

No doubt, you want the job very bad, but when you keep reminding yourself that it is, then you might just show it. Be safe. Count… one, two, three….


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