Prudential PRUCash Double Reward

What is the PRUCash Double Reward?

This is a savings plan offered by Prudential that helps you to save money while enjoying good returns and insurance protection along the way. It is a regular premium account that works on an endowment concept.

What is so interesting about the PRUCash Double Reward?

This plan is designed to give you more reasons to save money for the future. Whether it is for the future plan to renovate your home, go on a vacation or pay for your children’s education, the PRUCash Double Reward gives you the safety net where you will get a lump sum payment when the policy matures. Besides that, you will also enjoy additional benefits like an annual guaranteed payout and such.

What is the Double Annual Guaranteed Payout?

This refers to the consistent payout to your account throughout the course of the active policy. In other words, you will enjoy cash returns each year leading to the maturity of your policy.

What are the returns like for the Double Annual Guaranteed Payout?

You will receive 3% of the basic sum assured in your policy which starts from the end of your first policy year. This will go on for the next 5 years and then it will be doubled to 6% of your basic sum assured from the sixth year onwards.

What protection do I get from the PRUCash Double Reward?

You and your loved ones will receive protection if an unfortunate event occurs to you before you reach the age of 60 or the policy’s expiry leading to death or TPD (Total Permanent Disability). A lump sum will be paid in such events. The sum assured will be doubled from the sixth year of the policy onwards. This is to meet the inflation rate so that the sum would be sufficient in the future.

What is the Guaranteed Income Benefit or GIB?

The Guaranteed Income Benefit is catered to ensure that your loved ones will continue to get the annual payouts in the event that you are not able to support them due to any unfortunate incidents. This is to protect them before you reach the age of 60 or the expiry of the policy.

What are the terms available for the PRUCash Double Reward plan?

For the premium payment plan, you can choose between 10, 15 or 20 years. The policy term on the other hand will be for:

  • 10 years premium payment plan – 20, 25, 30, 35, and 40 years
  • 15 years premium payment plan – 25, 30, 35 and 40 years
  • 20 years premium payment plan – 30, 35 and 40 years.

Who is eligible for the PRUCash Double Reward plan?

This plan is catered for any individual between 1 and 60 years of age.

What bonuses are available in this plan?

You will enjoy a Terminal Bonus which is a bonus paid out when the policy matures or terminates due to death or TPD of the policyholder. There is also the CRB or Compound Reversionary Bonus which refers to a non-guaranteed bonus declared at the end of each year during the term of the active policy that will be payable as well.




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