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Prudential is a global insurance brand with a long history of offering high-value packages and assurance products. In Malaysia, it is among the oldest names in the insurance sector. Operating under the PAMP or Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad name, it began operations in Malaysia in 1924, which means it has been around for close to a hundred years.

Achievements and milestones

Prudential Malaysia has been very innovative in offering the best products for its customers. This includes being the first in the market to offer relevant products such as investment-linked products like the Prudential Investor Account, a universal life plan, a multiple crisis cover plan and also the first plan with coverage during pregnancy and early childhood. With sales of more than RM1 billion achieved in 2010, it has become one of the leading names in the insurance sector in the country.

Products and Packages

As an insurance company, Prudential has a variety of products that are catered to suit the needs of individuals and families. Apart from insurance coverage, products are also designed and catered to help customers with other financial needs such as investments, savings and others in standardized, customized and Takaful options available. Products that are offered by Prudential covers areas below:

General Protection

  • PRUTriple Med – Insurance package which has a 3-in-1 protection that includes Life, Medical and Accident coverage.
  • PRULite Med – This is an affordable medical insurance plan.
  • PRUBiz Protect – This plan is catered to small businesses and entrepreneurs with coverage for other personal areas.
  • PRUTriple Care – An all-in-one package that covers Critical Illnesses, Personal Accident and Life.
  • PRUTriple 100 – An economical plan that protects the policyholder from critical illness.
  • PRUWealth Max – A plan that provides financial stability for the future.
  • PRUWith You – This plan gives coverage for the policyholder up to the age of 1001.
  • PRUMy Critical Care – Protection against critical illnesses from early to advanced stages.
  • PRUWealth Plus – This is an investment-linked package that comes with insurance coverage and up to 4 times more protection.
  • PRUBest Gift – Package that comes with protection for children from as young as 30 days old.
  • PRUProtect Xtra – An add-on to PRUWealth Plus, this is an economical and affordable plan for future stability.
  • PRUMy Diabetes Care – Protection and coverage mainly for diabetic patients for treatment and medical services.
  • PRUMy Medical Plus – An add-on for more coverage that can be customized to suit the budget.
  • PRUMy Child Plus – Protection coverage for children from pregnancy to early childhood years.
  • PRUTerm – The standard package that comes with protection for death and total and permanent disability.

Savings and Future Investment

  • PRUGrowth – This is an endowment plan which provides savings and insurance coverage for the policyholder.
  • PRUCash – A protection-linked plan that helps to grow the investment.
  • PRUCash Double Reward – Savings plan that comes with annual guaranteed payouts.
  • PRULink Investor Account – This is an investment-linked plan which comes with insurance coverage with good flexibility.
  • PRURetirement Growth – This plan comes with insurance coverage and investment where the amount grows and also comes with monthly guaranteed income.

Health and Accident Coverage

  • Total Multi Crisis Care – This is a rider package that comes with coverage for critical illnesses from early to advanced stages.
  • Multi Crisis Care – Comes with multiple claims of up to 400% of the rider sum also during the advanced stages.
  • Early Crisis Care – Coverage for critical illnesses from early to advanced stages.
  • PRUMillion Med – A medical package that helps to cover medical expenses. It comes with no lifetime limit.
  • PRUHealth – This is a standard medical package that covers medical expenses as well as no claim annual bonuses among others.
  • PRUCancer X – Protection for policyholders against cancer and its related illnesses. This is to help in supporting expensive medication and treatment upon diagnosis of the disease.
  • PRUValue Med – A standard and affordable medical package catered for individuals with good flexibility and coverage.
  • PRULady – This package is catered for women that comes with comprehensive coverage against known medical conditions.
  • PRUSenior Med – Designed to help finance medical expenses for the senior years.

Online Products

Besides the usual standard plans and products, Prudential also offers packages that can be directly applied online which include:

  • PRUDirect Protect – This is a flexible and economical option that is term life insurance. It is renewable annually that covers the policyholder up to 70 years of age for death or Total and Permanent Disability.
  • PRUDirect Cancer – A protection plan against cancer for policyholders between 19 and 60 years old which is renewable yearly until 70 years old.
  • PRUDirect Med – This is an annually-renewable medical product that provides medical coverage and other services.

Add-ons and Riders

For more or additional protection and coverage, policyholders can choose between many supplementary products like those below.

  • Protect Booster
  • Accidental Death & Disablement
  • Double Enhancer
  • Parent Waiver
  • Acci Guard Plus
  • Acci Income Plus
  • Acci Med Plus
  • Essential Child Plus
  • PRULegacy
  • PRUMajor Med 5
  • PRUMedic Overseas
  • PRUMortgage
  • 2Parent Payor Basic and 2Parent Payor Saver
  • Parent Payor Basic and Parent Payor Saver
  • PRUSaver Kid
  • PRUWaiver
  • Spouse Waiver
  • Weekly Indemnity
  • Cash Booster
  • Infant Care Plus
  • Payor Basic and Payor Saver
  • Spouse Payor Basic and Spouse Payor Saver
  • Level SA Rider
  • Crisis Guard 2.0
  • Level SA Rider 2.0
  • Payor Basic 2.0 and Payor Saver 2.0
  • Spouse Payor Saver 2.0
  • Parent Payor Basic 2.0


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