Problems in the family

Problems in the family

Everyone has a role to play in the family. Whether it is the father, the mother or the children and even the extended families like the grandparents and sibling’s families, each plays an important role that will affect one another. This is mainly because all the decisions in a family are usually made for a long term which will affect other members in one way or another in terms of education, livelihood and other issues.

The reality of this is that there is never a perfect family. As much as you might look up to a certain family as your role model, thinking that they have it all figured out, it is never the case. And when you think that all is well and good, they might drop a bomb by going into a divorce or something like that, which totally reverses your expectations.

Running a family is very much like parenthood, where there is never a trial and tested way of doing so. There is no manual and even the ‘Dummies’ books will not give you any more insights than you already know. This is because a family is an always evolving system in which you have to go through a lot of trial and error before you get it right. Even if this is so, you find that you could have done better.

There are all types of problems that you will face in a family and this could start from parenting to education, finance and relationships. The more members you have in your family, the more problems you will face. That is for sure. So what can you do when you feel that you are in a situation where you are out of sorts? Below are some pointers.

Be open-minded. Children and people today are very different from many years before. People are more exposed to information and western cultures now. So when they become more expressive, you have to accept and discuss with an open mind. A traditional mind set of ‘father knows best’ might not be the most ideal method today.

Think about changing. This includes your way of life, financial issues, education and the way you treat people. If the method you have been adopting had not worked all this while, perhaps it is time to change, and do so willingly.

When all else fails, find help. You can ask your older siblings or even seek professionals to help. One of the people that you will often overlook is your parents. Many do not like asking their parents as they fear to project an incompetent image. Your parents have gone through life so much longer than you have; they know what to do for sure.


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