Precaution! April and September have the most lightning in Malaysia. Unplug when not in use

It was reported recently that Malaysia has the second highest lightning strikes in the world. And the warning came from one of the top US experts in the area of lightning, floods and thunderstorms.
So what does that mean actually? It means that when there is thunder and lightning, one needs to be extremely careful as it could be very dangerous and could sometimes be life-threatening even and in Malaysia, we are among the highest risk group.

According to an electrical parts supplier, the months of April and September is when he has the most demand for power adapter replacements because the 2 months are when there are most lightning reported.

So in April and September, it would be advisable to unplug all the sockets like your internet connection or your Astro decoder when not in use as you never know when the next lightning will striker, and that is even if you have a lightning arrestor.