Practical guides for family bonding

Practical guides for family bonding

As kids grow up, parents seem to spend less time with them. Kids are always busy with their homework, after school activities and going out with friends while parents seem to spend more time to work. But remember, nothing is more important than spending time with family members and keep connected with one another though everyone is going in different directions. Here are some practical guides to create great bonding time with other family members. It’s definitely worth a try.

First and foremost, try to spend time having meals together particularly dinner. Turn off the television and share your problems or perhaps, just simply tell what’s your typical day like. For parents, you can always help your kids out with their homework and attend their sports event. Encourage them whenever possible. Pick a specific day for card or board games. Though it may seem boring, but why not watch a TV programme that your kids like. Then, you’ll have something in common to talk about. During the weekend, plan a family night out and go to movie or concert. Another healthy activity would be exercising together such as cycling, hiking or swimming.

Have fun and do good by signing up as volunteers for homeless shelter. Encourage your kids to give back to the community. Do not instruct them to do house chores on a daily basis. Instead, do it together. Then, cooking, grocery shopping and gardening would be fun activities and maybe your kids will look forward to these activities to spend time with you. Whenever you drive your kids around, let them pick their favourite radio station. Try to understand what they like. Read together during bedtime. Choose a book everyone wants to read such as ‘Harry Potter’ or ‘Alice in Wonderland’. Nothing is better than going on a family vacation. There are times when you can get the kids involved in planning. Ask their opinion and ideas.


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