Poop colours among babies

Communicating with your baby would be one of the biggest challenges since they are still unable to speak. As new parents, we tend to look for ways to understand our babies better. Did you know that one of the most effective ways to do this is to look at the baby’s poop?

Different coloured poops

Have you ever wondered why there are different shades of poop among babies? It is no surprise that every colour tells a different story and they are accurate indications of what is going on in your baby’s body.

Learn the colours and know what is normal

Colours will tell you what is normal in your baby’s body and what is not. After all, that is one way to telling you what your baby is going through and when you should be more concerned.

Be concerned

With infants and newborns, if the poop colour is either:

    1. Black
    2. Red
    3. White

That is a signal to call the doctor immediately.

For newborns

For an infant who is newborn, you will notice that the poop is usually greenish-black and quite sticky. In fact, they look like motor lubricants. Newborn poop is known as meconium and they usually do not smell. This will become lighter as they grow a few days older. That is when you notice that the poop is lighter or army green and more watery. This occurs when he is starting to digest better and it is a sign that his intestinal tract is developing well.

Poop from breastfed infants

For babies who are breastfed quite extensively, you will notice the poop to be yellowish and along the green shades. It is quite creamy which you might think is diarrhoea. They don’t smell like typical poop though and could be flaky too. the shades might vary at times and if your infant does not have any other symptoms, then it is quite normal.
Take note though that if it is bright green and frothy, then it means the infant needs more hindmilk as he is getting too much foremilk.

Formula milk

If you feed your baby with formula milk most of the time, the poop will be peanut butter-like. It could be tan, green or yellow brown in colour. And it smells more.

Iron supplements diet

For babies who take iron supplement, the colour of the poop would be darker. They are usually dark green and sometimes nearly all black. This is only if they take the supplement. Remember that if the poop is dark brown or black but not taking any iron, then call the doctor.

Solid food diet

For babies who take solid food, the poop will be brown or dark brown and they smell more. Whether it is cereals or fruits or bread, the colour would be quite consistent.

Indigestion in the body

It is quite normal to have some form of food in the pop. This is when you notice colours like red, orange or blue. It could be due to the fruits like blueberries that are not digested or other coloured foods. However, if you consistently see undigested foods in the poop, then you should check with the doctor.

Diarrhoea and constipation symptoms

If you baby is experiencing diarrhoea, the poop will usually be brown, green or yellow and are more watery sometimes even uncontrollable. If you see this 2 or more times a day, you should bring your baby to the doctor immediately.
On the other hand, your baby is probably experiencing constipation if the poop looks like pebbles and hard with stains of blood.

Mucus and bloody poop

Poop that are greenish with shiny strings are actually mucus. This could be due to some form of allergy or infection. If there is blood which is bright red or black, then it could be due to infection as well. Any of these two symptoms will warrant a visit to the doctor as soon as possible.




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