Xbox or PS4 in Malaysia

The Sony Playstation buzz changed the world of gaming since it was released. In 2012, Playstation 4 was released which pretty much allowed Sony to make a permanent mark in the gaming console market. Having said that, Microsoft’s Xbox has been making inroads too. So, how do they stack up? Is it the Xbos or the PS4 for you?

Sony or Microsoft?

The choice is never easy. While you might have been a PS player for years, the attraction of the Xbox is so enticing, it could change your life forever.

The Pros and Cons

Here are some issues that you should be concerned with between the 2:

  • Pricing – The idea behind this is obviously, the longer you wait, the cheaper they become. But between Xbox and PS, there is actually not much to separate them. If you are buying a limited edition or a whole new one, it might be costlier but with the competition heating up, they are very much quite similar
  • Games – In terms of games, both brands are quite comparable. However, some developers tend to give exclusive launched to either one of them.
  • Design – Many critics have been not so happy with the latest curvy design of Xbox but this has not been any deterrence to the players. The PS has been quite consistent with their futuristic outlook and that has not changed much ever since

Who has better graphics?

In terms of graphics, the competition has risen to a whole new level. Both consoles have 8GB of RAM and run on AMDs’ GPU (Graphical Processing Unit). To the layman, this might not mean much but if you really want to know, the PS4 is faster means lesser chance of lagging.

Where to buy them?

If you are looking for a place to buy affordable Playstation or Xbox consoles, the best place to start is at digital malls like Low Yat Plaza in Kuala Lumpur or in Digital Mall, Petaling Jaya. However, you can find a lot of these shops in most major shopping centres like 1 Utama Shopping Centre or Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre, among others.
Another option that you can consider is to buy online or try looking for used or pre-loved ones through This is however risky as they usually do not come with any warranty or technical support should you have any.


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