Petaling Jaya in Malaysia

Petaling Jaya enjoys its close vicinity with the city center of Kuala Lumpur. Often regarded as the satellite city, it is part of the Klang Valley which makes it an ideal place to stay if you are looking for budget accommodation as well as some very high-class ones. There are hotels like Sheraton and Hilton here while many budget ones have opened up in recent years.

Budget accommodation in Petaling Jaya

The standard of living in Petaling Jaya is slightly higher as compared to other cities around the Klang Valley. As such, budget accommodations here are costlier where rooms usually start from RM50 and above.

  1. A&F Guest House – Located in Damansara Jaya, this place has a very convenient location which is just minutes away from the city center. Rooms are available from RM55 onwards
  2. Icon City PJ #4 – Here, you can enjoy the high-speed internet as well as a convenient location.
  3. My Homie Hotel PJ – Part of the large network of hotels with the same name, this hotel has rooms from as low as RM55 per night. Comes with attached bathroom and is in a commercial area
  4. i Boutique Hotel – This hotel has rooms from RM65 per night. Located in the heart of Petaling Jaya
  5. Hotel Holmes – The location of this hotel is in Kelana Jaya which is not far from the highways and main areas. Room rates here start at about RM65 per night
  6. Hotel Desaria – You will like this hotel which is not far from public amenities and banks. Rooms are available for booking from RM70 per night
  7. Casavilla Travellers Lodge – A unique place to stay in from RM70 per night.

Homestay Options

In Petaling Jaya, if you are looking for a longer stay, it is more cost-effective to rent a place in a homestay or in a home. Options in this include:

  1. Maxi Cosy Home 3.0 – You can get a decent place to stay here from RM60 per night
  2. A&F Homestay – Located in SS2, it is among the most convenient place to stay in. Rooms are available nightly at around RM60 with common facilities
  3. Oriental’s Village Homestay – From RM70 a night, you get to stay in this truly unique option which comes with free breakfast

Mid-range hotels

While you can choose to stay at budget hotels, there are many other options that you can choose from which are slightly costlier but with better facilities.

  1. Sun Inns Hotel – This is the Kelana Jaya branch which comes with rooms from RM75 per night. You will not miss this building which is bright yellow in color
  2. YP Boutique Hotel – Rooms are available at RM75 per night. You get to enjoy the freedom to get around on your own from the hotel
  3. MYE Hotel – from RM70 per night, enjoy a good night’s rest here which is within minutes to the city center
  4. JJ Boutique Hotel – Its location in SS2 makes it a great place to stay in. Rates for the rooms are about RM80 per night where you enjoy a private bathroom and in-room facilities
  5. Eiffel Hotel – This hotel is not far from the main commercial area of Petaling Jaya. Rooms are beautifully decorated and designed which starts at RM80 per night.
  6. Hotel Sri Sutra – Far from the maddening crowd in Jalan 227 is this hotel which has great food and banks not far away
  7. Sovotel – The Kelana Jaya branch is located within an arm’s length to hypermarkets and the shopping mall. Rooms are available from RM80 per night
  8. Harbour Hotel – Rooms are available here from RM80 per night

Top range hotels

Top range hotels in Petaling Jaya are mostly found around the main commercial areas. This includes those along the Federal Highway as well as around the hotspots with shop lots and entertainment outlets. Among them include:

  1. Media Hotel – This 3-star hotel is available near to the main commercial area of Petaling Jaya. Rooms are available around RM170 per night
  2. Best Western Hotel – Rates here are about RM180 per night where you enjoy the convenience of being near to the city center and nearby amenities
  3. PJ-Luxe Boutique Hotel – From RM180 per night, you will enjoy the in-house facilities, attached bathroom and other services in this hotel
  4. Hotel Armada – Recently renovated and given a makeover, this icon in Petaling Jaya has been around long enough to be reputable. Rooms are available from RM200 per night.
  5. Holiday Inn Glenmarie – Just off Federal Highway, you can stay at this luxurious resort from RM240 nightly
  6. Crystal Crown Hotel – One of the most established hotels in Petaling Jaya, stay here with rates starting at about RM300 per night
  7. Hilton Petaling Jaya – You will see this hotel from the highway with rooms at about RM260 per night

Top Pick

Our top pick for accommodation in Petaling Jaya would be at Holiday Inn Glenmarie. At less than RM250, you can stay here which is off the beaten path and you get to enjoy the resort facilities. Food and attractions are nearby while you are not far from the city centers of Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya and Sunway as well.

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