Johor in Malaysia

Accommodation options in Johor Bahru
There are many options available if you are looking for a place to stay around Johor Bahru. Among them includes:

The Nagaria Inn in Kluang is one of the few accommodation choices in this sleepy town renowned for its toast and coffee. Rooms start from RM65 per night.
Goodhope Hotel offers a good place to stay in Skudai where rooms start from RM110 per night located in Taman Skudai Baru.
Over in Muar, there is Riverview Hotel where rooms start from RM75 if booked online. The operator also operates the Townview and Streetview hotels in Muar town.

Hotel Rates and popular spots
Rental of rooms and apartments within JB is among the highest in the country largely due to the rising popularity of property here with Singaporeans. Rooms start from RM90 while apartments can go up to RM900. The areas of Nusajaya and Gelang Patah have been known to be more affordable while places like Skudai and the surrounding towns are fast becoming more expensive and competitive as they are located not far from JB city center.
Facts of Johor Bahru

Currency: MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)
Dialling code: The state observes the +607 dialling code if you are calling the fixed lines. Dialling codes for mobile numbers are the same as other states.
Airport: JB is connected via the Senai International Airport
Airport Tax: domestic and international flights
Distance from airport to city centre: slightly less than 24km
Temperature: similar to most other cities, JB averages around 26 to 35 degrees Celsius
Climate and Weather: Tropical with high humidity throughout the year
Common languages: English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Tamil

Transportation Facts
Getting around in JB can be easy if you do not mind the high taxi fares which usually starts around RM35. Unless you are going about in the city centre, getting to other suburbs can be quite far. Bus services are available from around RM8 per trip. Otherwise, you can engage ride-sharing services which are available here.
JB Highlights
JB has a good mixture of a modern city with strong historical trails. If you are into these, then you have come to the right place. Among the highlight here are:

Theme Parks – The Sanrio Hello Kitty Park is at Puteri Harbour while about 15 minutes from here is Legoland Malaysia. In the heart of JB at JBCC is the Angry Birds Activity Park. There are enough parks here to keep the kids busy for days!
Sultan Abu Bakar Mosque – Built during the late 1800s, it is among the most beautiful mosques in Malaysia. Often a sight to behold from far and near
Royal Abu Bakar Museum – This is the place to go if you’d like to view the royal collection of artefacts and other items
Sri Raja Mariamman Devasthanam Temple – A tourist attraction and one of the most favoured places of worship for the Hindus around here

What to eat in JB?
When you are in JB, you must seek the following:

Johor Laksa – Known for its unique paste not found in other states. It is said that the Johor Laksa has its own character as compared to those in Sarawak or Ipoh
Otak-otak – Quite a common local favourite here, this spicy fish taste is barbecued to perfection within its banana leaves
Ikan Bakar – You can find it anywhere where you get all sorts of fishes grilled and served with original gravy.

Entertainment Spots in JB
For a taste of the night life, head out to:

Jalan Dhoby
Taman Molek
Stulang Laut
Danga Bay

Quick Tips
If you like the branded goods in the shopping malls, you might like the ones at the Premium Outlet about 20 minutes away from the city centre.

Modern Revelation Restaurant

促銷活動 PROMOTIONS & ACTIVITIES 滿漢大餐牛肉泡麵 本月台灣味引進風靡全世界的台灣滿漢大餐牛肉泡麵您一定要嚐嚐喔 濃濃台灣味 我愛台啤!!台啤愛我!!有緣?無緣?大家來作伙.燒酒喝一杯,乎乾啦!!乎乾啦!!RM$10/can,(買4送1) 特色餐點 DISHES HIGHLIGHT Sukiyaki 壽喜燒 壽喜燒(Sukiyaki)是日本一款廣受歡迎的牛肉料理方式,對許多日本人而言,壽喜燒幾乎就是等於歡樂與慶 祝的代名詞。 Suki為日文中的鋤頭之意,以鋤具燒肉的烹飪之法就是Sukiyaki。 相傳在日本早期,在戶外耕作的農人以簡單的鋤具為鍋,淋上隨身攜帶的簡單醬汁與蔬菜烹煮牛肉, 沒想到竟使肉的滋味更顯豐富與芬芳甜美,因此廣受民眾歡迎。 壽喜燒正統吃法是隔著金屬加熱,醬油高湯及數種食材為湯底,煮到最後會比較鹹,所以湯是不喝的。。 因此壽喜燒被日本人稱為「沒有湯的火鍋」 小火锅套餐Shabu Set 火鍋吃透透,但絕不能錯過”現代啟示錄”的Shabu-shabu-個人涮涮鍋,十種精燉湯頭,一人一鍋,衛生又健康.麻辣湯以十幾種藥材製作,成為人氣第一,日本甘甜香醇的味增湯也很受歡迎,韓式泡菜酸酸辣辣的口味讓人胃口大開,傳說中乾的火鍋-壽喜燒你又嘗過了嗎?清爽的東北酸菜鍋,養生藥膳鍋,台灣沙茶鍋,泰國酸辣東炎鍋.鍋鍋屬好鍋.你決定要吃那一鍋 日式燒肉 日式燒肉是直接將肉類放置網架上炭烤的方式,燒肉的食材從上等的里肌肉、五花肉等肉類,到牛肚、舌肉、肝臟等內臟類,甚至還有海鮮、蔬菜等形形色色,選擇眾多。因為講求的是肉質的新鮮度,所以事前不需要太多的醃漬調味,而最近又流行所謂的「蔥燒」,也就是將鹽與蔥放在新鮮肉品上面一起燒烤,蔥香混合著炭烤之後鮮嫩的肉質與肉汁,味道自然鮮美,令人百吃不厭。 日式燒肉的美味訣竅,就是炭烤的火要旺,但是炭火不能直接燒到肉。燒烤的肉只要稍微翻個兩次,烤至表面瞬間變色即可,有些肉品甚至只需要烤至2~3分熟,但相同的是,這些外熟裡嫩的燒肉都必須趁熱沾醬與食用喔 珍珠奶茶

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