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Top 8 Pre-Schools Programmes in Malaysia

malaysia preschool

Sending your children to school is a big step in parenting. In fact, when you decide to send your kids to school, there are many factors that you need to bring into consideration which includes the cost, location and more importantly, the syllabus. While most people will tell you that every kid studies the same… Read more »

How to score straight A’s

How to score straight A

To be a top student, or student of excellence, it is not really rocket science if you know what you need to do and how to do it. Not everyone is born smart and talented and with a few tips and some hard work you too can be one.

Teaching your kids to get along with teachers

Teaching your kids

It is often a common complain from our kids about their teachers. Whether it is primary school or nursery, it does not really matter as some kids tend to dislike some teachers. Perhaps a handful of teachers would actually take the time to make every student like them or be approachable at least, but in… Read more »

Why Kids Hate School?

Why Kids Hate School

How to deal with your kids when they hate school. Now hating might be a big word but it is often a word used by kids whenever they talk about school. ‘I hate school’ is a common phrase spoken. When they were younger they only cried when its school time, but as they grow older,… Read more »

Malaysia Scholarship

Malaysia Scholarship

Malaysian students today enjoy various facilities provided by Malaysian government in terms of education amenities and loans. Upon graduating from secondary school and acquiring SPM results, student with excellent results in the examination can apply for scholarships given out by MARA, JPA, UM, USM and plenty other governmental and private agencies.