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Cesarean or natural birth?

For women who are pregnant, there will be 2 factors that will drive your excitement during this time. First, the gender of your baby which can usually be determined around the second trimester of the pregnancy and the second would be how you are going to give birth to your baby when the time comes.

Top 10 Things to Avoid during Pregnancy

Being pregnant is an extremely happy and joyful feeling but there certain things that you must be aware of and most importantly to avoid during the course of your pregnancy in order to avoid any complications later. There are many old wives’ tales that you would have heard by now like not having to deal… Read more »

Experiencing pregnancy fatigue

Experiencing pregnancy fatigue

Experiencing pregnancy fatigue? Here are some solutions to overcome it For those that have experienced pregnancy before, then you should know that one of the most common complaints about it is fatigue. This is because at the stage your body is working overtime and you will find yourself very exhausted even after a normal day…. Read more »