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Experiencing pregnancy fatigue

Experiencing pregnancy fatigue

Experiencing pregnancy fatigue? Here are some solutions to overcome it For those that have experienced pregnancy before, then you should know that one of the most common complaints about it is fatigue. This is because at the stage your body is working overtime and you will find yourself very exhausted even after a normal day…. Read more »

Raising good children

Raising good children

Parenting refers to activity of bringing up a child that covers their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development from infancy until they reach adulthood. It can be a difficult and heavy responsibility particularly for first-time parents.

Is Homeschooling the next and better education?

The uncertainties encircling around the Malaysian education system are causing a lot of uneasiness among Malaysians today. The government’s flip-flop decision making in issues related to the education system has caused parents, teachers and everyone involved to take drastic steps. Rising demand to leave public schools Most of the private schools in Malaysia are now… Read more »

Teaching your kids to get along with teachers

Teaching your kids

It is often a common complain from our kids about their teachers. Whether it is primary school or nursery, it does not really matter as some kids tend to dislike some teachers. Perhaps a handful of teachers would actually take the time to make every student like them or be approachable at least, but in… Read more »

How to cope with your kid’s nightmares?

cope with your kid nightmares

Your kid ran into your room and told you about monsters and being chased by dinosaurs. Worse still it was a horror story. You are pretty much sure that it was a nightmare, which to some extend you are not sure how to cope with. The truth is there are no way we can prevent… Read more »

How to deal with your kid’s stress

How to deal with your kid's stress

Human beings faces stress. Adults have stress to take care of everyday. So do the kids and the children. While you might be more than happy to consult a yoga instructor or go for a boxing match with your mates to deal with the stress you feel at work, kids will require a different approach… Read more »

How to deal when your baby is teething

The teething process for baby’s and newborns often start around as early as their third month onwards. This can sometimes be very distressing as the it is when the baby is crying more often than before as the teeth starts making its way out of their gums. As parents you are not sure what to… Read more »

Why Kids Hate School?

Why Kids Hate School

How to deal with your kids when they hate school. Now hating might be a big word but it is often a word used by kids whenever they talk about school. ‘I hate school’ is a common phrase spoken. When they were younger they only cried when its school time, but as they grow older,… Read more »

Stressing the importance of homework

Stressing the importance of homework

So no one is an expert in teaching, especially parents. But as parents you tend to want to be there for your kids when it comes to their homework. How then should you do it? One of the more common traits of parenting is really to ensure that your kids finish their homework. After that… Read more »