Parenting Guide in Malaysia

Have you ever wanted to know what the best practices in parenting are? Should you spare the rod or spoil the child?

Best parenting tips and advice

The best tips on parenting are here! There will never be a standard manual because good parenting comes only from experience. Learn from the tiger moms and those who have successfully brought up their children or share experiences on educating your child, teaching them manners and other advice that you need in today’s world.


Top 10 Things to Avoid during Pregnancy

Being pregnant is an extremely happy and joyful feeling but there certain things that you must be aware of and most importantly to avoid during

Malaysia School Age

Why teenagers say ‘Yes’ to sex?

Growing up can be a tricky affair if you mix with the wrong crowd and friends. If you are a teenager and had recently entered

Is Praising your kids
Parenting Guide

Is Praising your kids spoiling them?

You would have heard by now that over-praising the kids might risk spoiling them. This is because while praising might encourage them to continue doing

Parenting Guide

What is motherhood

A woman enter the world of motherhood from the moment they find out that they’re pregnant. Once you find out that you’re expecting a baby,

Parenting Guide

Child in the car – danger or safety

Most of us are well aware that keeping our children in the car sometimes is safe. Whether we are re-fueling the car, going to the

Baby Resources

Your baby’s first words

The baby’s first few words are usually met with tears of joys of the parents. As you wait and anticipate for your child’s first words,

Parenting Guide

Why are Family Values important?

In any family, it is with utmost importance that you are well aware of the family values. This could be in terms of traditions, practices,

Parenting Guide

Tips to be successful parents

As far as parenting are concerned, all parents want the best for their kids. This is vitally important as we often believe that we would

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