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Bronchiolitis among babies

One of the common health problems among babies and infants is bronchiolitis. This is actually a very common viral infection which is contagious known to affect 1 in every 3 babies. The usually occurrence is usually in the first year after they are born. Bronchiolitis Factors What happens when a person gets bronchiolitis is where… Read more »

Babies and fever

Fever is among the most common sickness for anyone. For babies, it can be troubling especially when the temperature is not dropping and the baby keeps crying. For some parents, fever for the baby is among the biggest nightmare. How critical is fever? Fever is a body’s mechanism of a natural defence against an infection…. Read more »

Ensuring your Child is safe online

There is no compromise when it comes to safety. This is more serious when it deals with kids and it is a lot more than that if they are your children. The internet has become a hunting ground for criminals and paedophiles. Only happens to others You would have read stories of how children became… Read more »

International and Private Schools in Klang Valley

International and Private Schools in Klang Valley The government of Malaysia had in recent years relaxed the regulations for Malaysians to study at private and international schools. This has seen a surge in new institutions offering all types of oversea programmes for Malaysian families. International and national curriculum There is a difference between both international… Read more »

Parenting expos in Malaysia

For new parents and families, buying the daily essentials and other items can be a nightmare especially if you do not want to overspend or have a strict budget. Instead of going around to several places all the time, visiting an expo would be a good option as it gets you everything under one roof…. Read more »

Little chores for little hands

Doing Chores

Housework is a chore that most of us just want to get through as quickly as possible and with the least fuss. Often when a child wants to help out, we are tempted to say, “No, I can do it faster.” But think again, by not allowing your eager child to join in, you have… Read more »

Top Homeschool Methods

malaysia homeschooling

Don’t trust the public schools and private ones are too expensive? Homeschool your kids today You will know for sure the benefits of homeschooling and that is one option which gives you the freedom of education for your children. It has been found that homeschooled kids learn better because they dictate the pace and what… Read more »

Top Signs your Child might have learning problems

malaysia learning difficulty

When it comes to learning, there are certain signs that you should be aware of which could tell you that your child might have difficulty in learning. A lot of parents are not sure if such signs are real while many chooses not to believe and wait until their toddler grows older before taking the… Read more »

Top 5 Children Libraries in Klang Valley

malaysia national library

Cultivating good reading habits among children is a healthy practice. This is something that should start from the youngest age possible and not all preschools will teach them to do so. Libraries today are a lot more modern than before where there are digital collections, new media and events. So which are the best libraries you… Read more »