PAINTed Cosmetics

With a strong focus on lipsticks, PAINTed which is short for Paint Education is one of the recent exciting cosmetics brand to enter the Malaysian market in recent years. This brand’s range of lipsticks has been creating waves in the beauty market segment since it was introduced only a few years ago.

What is PAINTed all about?

The philosophy behind PAINTed is to offer options for its customers with a range of lipsticks knowing that it is among the most powerful product anyone should have. It acknowledges that this is one option which does not require a lot of effort but has very significant influence offering the right strokes and colours.

Background of PAINTed Malaysia

The brand was established in July 2016. It was the idea of 4 friends, Adam, Angelyn, Sue Ann and Celine. The plan was to offer the range of products which are environmental friendly, plant-based or organic and yet economical. And hence, the first range was launched that year which to date is offering many shades of liquid lipsticks.

Products by PAINTed

Basically, PAINTed offers matte liquid lipsticks which have already received very good and positive reviews. One of their best-selling product is the PAINTed drawers in which the customer get to choose and match 3 different shades of lipsticks. Besides that, their products include:

  1. Van Brown – priced at RM49
  2. Pinkcasso – RM49 each
  3. Michelangerose – A vibrant colour along the shade of pink priced at RM49.
  4. Choko Ono – RM49
  5. Al Purpur – RM49 each
  6. Reddy Warhol – RM49 each
  7. The PAINTed drawer I and II – priced at RM139, you can choose any 3 shades

Where to buy PAINTed products

At the moment, PAINTed products are available online through their own website where you can order and have them delivered to your doorstep.




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