Organic meat and poultry

When going organic, it would mean changing your entire diet all the way. This is where you need to know where and what you can eat.

What exactly is Organic meat?

The usual preconception of organic food is that the vegetables and fruits are planted using organic means where they do not use artificial or synthetic material. How then does this apply to livestock?

Organic meat and poultry use same concept

When a food producer claims to have organic meat or poultry, it would have gone through the organic standards of the country. Then, a neutral third-party certifier actually visits the farm to audit if the standards were adhered to.

What constitutes organic poultry?

In any case, if there is a claim of organic poultry, it means:

  • Livestock is raised organically on land which has been certified organic
  • only organic feed is used
  • The process must not involve using of antibiotics or growth hormones
  • livestock must be given access to the outdoors

What are the types of organic poultry

As a rule of thumb, you will find that all types of meat and poultry products could be grown organically. This includes milk, beef and chicken, among others but this does not include fish or seafood.

What is free-range eggs?

The term free-range is used to depict how the livestock lives. Free range eggs are those that are hatched in the most natural environment possible.

Where to find organic meat in Malaysia

If you visit the markets or supermarkets, chances are you could find some sellers who claim that their meat and poultry are organic. Unless you are very certain that they are certified, you should be mindful before buying them.
Otherwise, visit specialized stores that are found in shopping malls. This includes the Village Grocer in Bangsar Shopping Village, Jaya Grocer in a lot of malls and at Hock Choon Supermarket, one of the most popular community supermarkets in Ampang.
Other places that you can find organic poultry includes BEN’s Independent Grocer at Publika Solaris and the Uncle Rani Chicken Farm is known to be one of the major suppliers of organic meat as well.



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