Organic lunch packs for the kids

Organic lunch packs for the kids

Are you preparing your lunch packs for your kids to bring to school? Are you looking for a healthy and organic solution? Check out below.

Healthiest lunch pack for the young one

This recipe is easy to prepare and the kids will love it. After all, it contains lots of protein and calcium to keep them going for the day especially if they are constantly running about. This recipe gives you a good alternative besides the usual sandwiches that you might have been doing.

Ingredients to make this pack

To prepare this, the process is simple. First you need to get the following:

  • 1 piece of flour tortilla. The 7 inchers would be good but it really depends on your serving
  • Some mustard
  • Slices of lean meat like ham or turkey. Organic ones of course
  • 1 organic Colby cheese stick
  • 2 slices of organic lettuce leaves

The process is similar to making a standard wrap. First, spread the tortilla open and then apply the mustard. Then, arrange the lean meat. The lettuce comes after that but if you like, you can sandwich the meat with the 2 slices of leaves. After that, place the cheese stick on the end of the spread. Roll it up and then put it into an aluminium foil.
This meal takes only 5 minutes and you are ready to go. It is packed with very minimal saturated fats and a lot of protein. The process is extremely easy too!

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