Organic Foods for Pregnant Women

Organic Foods Pregnant Women

What you eat during pregnancy is very important. In fact, it must be taken care of and an issue of concern because you will be eating for two. A more pressing question is should you go for organic?

Best organic foods for pregnant women

Organic foods are not as harmful to the body and the environment. After all, they do not contain as much pesticides or preservatives like conventionally grown food.

What types of organic food is safer?

In order to answer this question, you need to be aware of what types of food you should be taking during pregnancy.

  • Milk and Dairy – Your body needs a lot of calcium and Vitamin B-12. Calcium helps to build the baby’s bones and that is why you should be taking a lot of milk. Unpasteurized milk products and those with high listeria contains must be avoided at all costs. In going organic, you can choose properly.
  • Fruits and Vegetables – What you are looking for here is fiber and minerals that can help in your digestion. Pregnancy is a time when you do not want to suffer from constipation. Folic acid, potassium and Vitamin C would be richly included in frutis and vegetables. Go for Celery and Spinach if possible.
  • Poultry – The category of poultry, meat and fish would be required. When you are pregnant, iron is very crucial. You should be taking at least 27mg of iron each day and try to reduce caffeine during this time. For protein, go for eggs which have a lot of amino acids in the protein to help develop the baby.
  • Beans and Nuts – Vitamin E, copper and magnesium are among the minerals you want out of nuts. From beans, take a lot of organic black-eyed beans, kidneys beans and lentils where you get iron, zinc and folate.

Ultimately, you should be taking the types of food that your doctor or gynaecologist tells you to. Not every type of food should be converted to organic ones but as far as you could, this would help in aiding the baby’s growth and the overall wellbeing of the pregnant mother.


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